January has ended and the New Year's resolution you made for yourself is starting to fade. Why? The answer lies within you. All through the month of December you put your goals, saving them for the new year. You wrote them down, spoke of them among your peers and set your mind to accomplishing them. Then something happened between January 1st and January 31st. You realized how tough achieving your goal is and how much effort you must put forth in order to reach your goal. You began doubting yourself and asking if your goal is really something you could achieve. You began to tell yourself that your goal was out of reach and what fell right below it was acceptable because although you have not reached what you set out to reach, you have made some progress. You began making excuses. Excuses that I am going to invalidate.

Excuse # 1 Time

Your first excuse was that you did not have enough time to work on reaching your goal. Prior to the New Year you had ambition, you were eager to begin working towards your goal and you were determined to do so by any means. Prior to the New Year you were on a schedule, a specific schedule that did not involve you working towards your goal. You were comfortable with this schedule because it was routine. You woke up at a certain time, participated in certain activities and events, and went to bed at a certain time. This was the old you. This was the you who was not working for what they wanted to become. In order for you to become more, you must do more. Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day and just because you are working towards a goal does not mean you get more hours. Therefore in order to make progress, you must make time. How do you make time? Here are a few tips to making time to work on your goal.

Wake up earlier and get a head start on your day.
Schedule time intervals through the day for 10-15 minutes that you can work on your goal.
Set up a time everyday that you will dedicate towards working on your goals.
Give up time spend watching TV or other miscellaneous activities and use this time to your advantage.
Keep a calendar and keep track of your progress

Excuse # 2 Energy

You do not have enough energy you say? You have a full time job, kids, a wife / husband and not to mention the dog that you have to tend to everyday. Where do you get the energy to work on your goals? Working out releases endorphins that actually wake you up and energize your body through the day. Have you ever worked out first thing in the morning and saw how your day went? Chances are you felt better that usual. Make it a habit to get up and get going and you will feel much better through your day. Here are a few tips you can use to help assure you are energized throughout the day.

Drink plenty of water
Eat a proper nutrient dessert diet
Get Rest
Stay Active

Excuse # 3 Money

How much is achieving your goal worth to you? Hopefully more than your Netflix subscription, or your Spotify Premium account. Many people complain about the cost of gym passes when in reality they pay more for the very things that are keeping them from going to the gym. In all actuality, you do not need a gym to be physically active. Going for a jog is completely free and extremely beneficial. At home workout DVDs are great for parents who have kids and for those who may not be comfortable in a gym environment. There are endless options for those who want to workout and not join a gym. Here are a few tips for those who think money will prevent them from reaching their goals.

Find a low price gym
Invest in a workout DVD
Go for runs in your neighborhood
Take the stairs over the elevator
Park further away from buildings to make yourself walk more

Excuses # 4 No Results

We live in a world where we demand immediate results for everything. If our web browser take longer than 15 seconds to load a webpage we consider it to be slow. If our smartphone takes longer than 5 seconds to open an open it must be out of date. Unfortunately this is not how exercise works. Results take time and we can not just update our bodies. We must put in the work in order to gain results. Every year college students will wait until 2 weeks before spring break and began working out in an attempt to lose 10 lbs. The reality is that the most they will lose, if they do so in a healthy manner, is about 4 lbs. Results are not immediate so do not get discouraged by slow results. Be patient and be consistent, the results will come. Here are a few tips that will help you keep getting quicker results.

Stay Consistent with your routine
Eat a clean diet and avoid junk
Get rest to allow your body to recover and rebuild itself
Take photos once a week and track your progress

Excuse # 5 Motivation

We all have our ups and downs when it comes to motivation. Some say motivation does not last and this may be true. My way of approaching motivation is to look at your “why”. Remember why you started working towards this goal. Why did you want to achieve this. Think of this everyday you do not feel like waking up. Everyday you think of giving up remember why you started. No matter how unmotivated you are, remembering your reason for doing what you are doing will push you to greatness. Here are a few tips to help you stay motivated.

Write down your goal and look at it everyday
Tell people about your goal to hold yourself accountable
Read success stories and be inspired by others
Be strong minded and do not let anyone discourage you
Remind yourself of your “why”

If you can eliminate your excuses in life, you can accomplish anything you put your mind to. Remember why you started and think of how you will feel once you reach your goal. This will give you that push to do what you really desire. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it, but it is not. It is tough but you can end the pain of sacrifice in order to reach your goal. I hope this helps you eliminate excuses and strive for greatness.