People often come to a spiritual adviser to discover what their life path is. They feel lost and, in a way, treading water not knowing what to do with their life. They want guidance and, often, someone to tell them why they are alive.

The Human Energy Field Hold Keys to Your Life Path

Consider the fact that people who see auras view a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. This is the same for the chakras. True, there areorms, just as there are averages in medical tests. Within these norms are a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.

The spin of the chakras and the colors in the aura change according to what is happening in the individual's life. If you snapped a photograph of someone's energy field, you are getting a picture of that moment in time. Liken that to how there are those photos of you that saved your image with your mouth in a funny position. In the next instant you would look wonderful. What you think and what you feel will make immediate changes in what your energy looks like.

Consider that the various components to the electromagnetic field around you say something about what you came to this earth to do in life. For instance, nurturers usually have a great deal of blue, visionaries have purple. Someone who is rather mental and detailed may have green or tan.

What to Do with Information

If you find yourself happy with what you are doing it may be due to you being in a field not suited to you. You could take a series of aptitude tests. These will give you concrete data on what profession would take advantage of your innate gifts and talents. You could also go to someone who is clairvoyant and is able to see the range of colors surrounding you. This individual can give you general tendencies you may have. You will not be given specifics. For instance, you may be a healer, but you will not know whether or not you would practice that path as a medical doctor, massage therapist or a psychotherapist.

The information you gain, be it from testing results or from an intuitive is information for you. You are the one to take the data and decide how to use it and in what direction to move. The responsibility for your mission in life is yours to discover. Others may give information and advice, but you are the one who job it is to live out your path.

How Do You Know What to Do?

Gather all the information you have and do this little exercise. For each possibility form a concrete image of you doing it. Attempt to bring in all your five senses. How do you feel when imagining this possibility? Are you excited, at peace, in fear or some other feeling? Select one or two alternatives and gather more concrete data such as education, salaries, duties, how much paper work is involved, whether you will be working from a desk or traveling and other information. Now make a decision about what to do next.

Be fearless. Trust yourself.