There are times in our lives when we have glimpses of a life – our life – that is infinite more than the life we ​​are now living. It is then that we realize that we are living below our potential. We warn for an understanding of the life that we feel should be.

Intuitively we recognize that there are powers and forces within us that we make use of, and that some others barely use at all.

William James, wonderfully linked philosophy, psychology, and religion, to life to a supreme degree. He honored his mission and did an incredible service for all humanity, when he developed the understanding that we all have powers and forces that we make too little use of, that we have huge reserves of power that are underutilized.

The people who wake to these inner forces, these amazing and sustaining powers and forces that belong to the realm of mind and spirit are never found among those who question whether life is worth the living. For them life is incredible and amazing.

Unfortunately most people get caught up in the humdrum of life, and seem not to have time for their greater purpose. They seem to lose sight of their very existence.

Through the body and its multiple senses, we are indivisible from the physical universe about us. Spiritually we are connected to the Infinite Power that is the animating, Life Force of all material forms. It is through the mind that we are able consciously to relate the two. Through it we are able to understand the laws that inspire the workings of the spirit, and open ourselves to allow them to become the controlling forces of our lives.

There are divine powers and forces that will maintain us with peace and safety if we are wise and adequately attentive to find and to nurture it. Swimming against the current is always difficult and unreliable. Going with the current eases the way. Instead of always being certain and even exhausted by the sheer effort of just getting through, we make time for enjoying the journey, and to utter a word of encouragement or joy to a neighbor, on the way.

Life is not so complicated if we do not relentlessly persist in making it so. Supreme intelligence, creative power works only through law. Religion and science are separate approaches to our understanding of the law. When both are real, they complement each other and their findings are the same.