Are there specific techniques that work better for energy healing?

There is not a specific answer to the question. You can go from colors to numbers, to geomancy and energy meridians. You have to work with energy and discover what resonates with you. I have a very good friend who uses sound therapy and is what I personally used to reduce a growth in my breast. I have another than uses chanting and is brilliant. So it really depends on what resonates with you.

The key is to find the cause of any disease. Get to the origin and you will have far better results because the origin is going to the fundamental cause which will restore the disease if it is not cleared.
So you want to look for three aspects:

The physical – what symptom is manifesting and what is the hidden significance of it
The organ or body part which the symptom is manifesting in
The system the organ is a part of

So an example, you have a sick or queasy stomach. The symptom is uneasy – hidden significance “What are you sick of”. The stomach is the primary organ for story, diluting and digesting food. A reservoir if you will. It is part of the digestive system. So it may a symbol of thoughts, ideas, and inspirations that are not resonating or not the person's belief system.

Let's say you are constipated – you can get rather quick – is a form of congestion and reflects refusal to eliminate old ideas, emotions, or belief systems. Another example, if you have pain. Pain in its many forms and disguises guilty or nursing old hurts. If you are nursing old pains are you nursing old hurts that were critical of yourself image. Headache pain – refusal to change, overwhelmed.

You can do the same thing with specific body parts. As an example if you are having gall bladder issues. The gall bladder is a sac in which bile secretions are stored by the liver until needed for the process of fat digestion. So what life lesson are you rising up and not allowing to be released (learned). Lets look at the kidney's. They are a glandular organ that excretes urine, filters blood plasma to separate out what is needed and not needed. So when you have kidney issues you want to look at your own judgment of self – do you have low self esteem? Have a lack of discrimination of what you need and what you do not need in life? Now to go back into Chinese Medicine the kidney meridian goes up the sole of the foot up front of legs, thigh, stomach, to sternum and stops at the clavicle. In this methodology they believe that it has to do with the clearing of self including anger and fear. So it is very similar.

Knee's and elbows are usually indicative that a person is stubborn and inflexible. We can go on and on here. But you get the idea. The key is finding the origin of the dis-ease to find what will work the best for your specific need.