If you dread going to your job, relationships seem tense, or have constant debt … you are likely under high stress. Our environment greatly influences the levels of stress we acquire. Have you heard of “disease” dis-ease. The bodies reaction to stress is very detrimental to our health and well-being. When we are not at ease we have already “disease”. The phrase “lighten up” is really saying “take a burden off and stop worrying”. We have over 60,000 thoughts everyday and most of those are likely to be negative if they are not controlled by positive affirmations. Our thoughts affect our body and our environment as well.

A while back I got myself into a year long relationship that gradually turned into a nightmare. The person I was living with was so extremely negative and depressed that I quickly fell into the same thought patterns. The guy I was with took advantage of me and stole all my savings that I worked very hard for. This also made me very tense about everything because financially I was tight and most of the time broke. I did not notice right away, but people around me saw a difference in how I talked about topics and the fact that I did not look as healthy and cried easily. I began to have dark circles under my eyes, hair falling out by the handys everyday for 6 months straight. I finally chopped all my waist-length hair to a very short style to cover up the thinness.

I ever cut ties with that person and thought my life back to where it was. Really take in my mistakes and learn from them. If the people you are around do not add to your happiness then ditch them … they are obviously not worth your time! If you absolutely hate your job, find another one that you enjoy! If you are financially tight focus on wealth and prosperity, speak and think only things that you wish to attract into your life!

Some things that I found to help me relax and be positive:

* listen to peaceful music

* burn natural incense

* minimize exposure to tv and programs

* take cold showers

* be outside in the sun and nature as much as possible

* only hang out with positive happy people

* show love to everyone without exception

* take kava kava root liquid extract

* get in sauna for 30 minutes

* have sex

* warm herbal tea

* get massages frequently

* cardio and weightlifting