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Learning Something New: For Life and For Health

You often hear how laughter is the best medicine, and for some people chocolate or multivitamins fit the bill instead. Each person is unique and so is his or her preferred form of medicine. What about learning something new as a form of medicine?

Often there are parts of personality, talents, and health that have not been expressed, at least in a while, and are just waiting to be let out. Everyone has different talents, so the key to unlocking these hidden treasures is unique to you. It could be that drawing or painting offers a form of expression that you enjoy. Writing stories, or a blog. Dancing or singing. Someone who is good at cooking dinner might try out desserts or baking instead. How about learning piano or guitar? A new sport?

Learning something new helps us feel adventure in life, which is very much a part of feeling healthy and active. When daily work and chores build up, trying something new shakes things up and encourages us to be in better tune with ourselves in many different ways – including our health. It could be that you have a talent you have practiced before, and maybe it'd be fun to take it to a new level in some way.

The adventure of learning something new can be frustrating at first, and even this feeling can contribute to your health. People can find that the frustration that they experience in a new activity is one they're dealing with on a higher level too in other parts of life. Tackling the challenge through the new learning experience can jump start changes in other areas of life too. Once you take the first step, you never know where it will lead you.

Just as life is a journey, so is health. These two experiences are woven together so that whatever you do to improve one area often improves the other one as well. Learning something new sparks both your body and your mind in new ways, affecting both your health and your life.

So, what have you been wanting to learn or try out well that you have not had a chance to express yet? Maybe you've thought about it and it's felt a little scary to go for it. As the season shifts slowly from winter toward spring, jump into this challenge anyway and see what happens. Enjoy the new adventure, expressing your talents, and the changes it brings to your life and your health!

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Letting Go of Past Persuasions, But Not Dreams

Does health have to do with just the present, or does it also involve sediments of the past or future? This may sound like a strange question because the future has not happened yet, so how can you experience any effects from it today? But many of us think about the past and the future as if both these time periods share equal space with the present on a metaphoric couch of life.

This article, however, is not about mindfulness meditation or practicing awareness at all times so that you can stay in the present. For better or for worse, we are human beings and our thoughts linger on the past and also project into the future to different extents. “What should I have done differently? How will those decisions affect my future, and what should I do in the coming days weeks months and years?”

So this happens, and maybe our companion dogs and cats do not ponder these topics, but we do. That's why you may feel a slight twinge when you see your cat or dog scratching themselves in the sun like life could not get any better. One of the topics our human minds focus on the most is that of dreams, past present and future.

A dream, aka what each individual wants to shoot for life, can be an element that brings the spark of health and activity into our lives, but it can also bring twinges of fear, regret, guardedness, and other tricky feelings. What if you wanted to be a rock star as a teenager and it did not happen? You still love music, though, and do not want to give it up.

Maybe you loved drawing more than anything growing up, but it was challenging to channel that talent into a career. You do not want to stop growing in your art and who you are as an artist. Perhaps you found the career you always wanted, but there are still talents you feel have been left unexpressed and lingering, waiting for an outlet. That dream is on your back-burner, but maybe you've wondered if it's better left burned instead.

Do not burn it. It's okay to let go of past persuasions of doing this or that, but it's not necessary to kick the actual dream to the curve. What does this mean? A past persuasion is something we felt certain we should do or believe, based on our expectations or those of others. Be a basketball star, be a lawyer, be a rock star, be a college professor, be a doctor or engineer, be a politician.

The Be's may be deeply embedded in the past now, and whether they came true or not, they are not the full story of our real dreams. A dream often involves expressing your true talent in whatever way you can. We can get hung up on the be's and the regrets we have surrounding them, so much so that we dispose the dreams and talents that are still alive and kicking. These regrets can often affect our health, how we take care of ourselves, and how much credit and respect we show ourselves.

A dream does not have to be constrained by time. Channel it anyway, in the face of all the be's and the past persuasions that may have long gone by now. Maybe you did not get a chance to follow the exact avenues you envisioned for yourself growing up, but that's okay. Look at yourself today, and ask, “What do I want to do, and what can I do, with the talents and dreams that I have?”

You can not get back the time that has already flowed by, or control the time that is about to flow from tomorrow onward. But today you have potential for both your dreams and your health.

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Are Feeble Minded People Deciding Your Limitations?

What feeble minded people are deciding your limits?

Just because a weak minded person does not think something can be done does not mean they are correct. Weak people will always try and keep you at their level of failure. People create and do great things every day, pushing physically and mentally past their limits. Things once thought impossible became possible because someone believed that it was possible.

It's the weak feeble minded people that sit around figuring out how it can not be done, instead of going out and taking the first step to becoming great. Going against the majority will put you in a small group of action takers and doers.

The first big push for me was a senior in high school wondering if I could do 1,200 pushups in one hour. At first I thought to myself this will be tough, never doing any volume like that.

Even though being a serious weight trainer and having a bench press of 330lbs at 145lbs, but I figured I will give it a shot and see where I finish at and then a least I will have a starting point.

I used the clock of a VCR and figured that if I did 20 every minute for 60 minutes I will have completed 1,200 pushups.

I stuck to the simple plan, not doing more or less, just stuck to 20 every time the clock changed, then I would have a little rest waiting for the clock to change.

I finished just like I wanted 1,200 pushups in one hour, because I had a goal and seen the end, I knew that at the end I would have to push harder to accomplish the goal and refused to let my mind tell my body to quit.

I would have fallen over dead before I thread in the towel. And you know what, after accomplishing the goal it became easier to accomplish larger feats of physical and mental training.

Once I broke my limited thinking and my own mental barrier it got easier to set bigger goals, and I always seem to accomplish my fitness goals, I really believe that if it's important to me my mind will figure out a way to get the job done .

Since then I have always had the belief that I will get it done, including establishing and breaking world records. There will always haters but that should not bother you. What people think of me or what they believe is none of my business. As long as I continue to get better and do the best I can, I will have no trouble sleeping at night.

My opinion you will get now listening to people that have done nothing, have proven nothing and continue to do nothing.

I never listened to anyone that is not doing better than me. I'm not going to ask a bum where to invest 5,000 dollars and I will not listen to someone tell me what they think I'm capable of, I will decide myself!

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Explanations About The Meaning of Life in Dreams

You can understand the meaning of life thanks to new scientific discoveries made in the end of the last century. These discoveries will completely change the destiny of humanity in the 21st century, marking the end of the modern civilization. A new civilization based on wisdom will correct the mistakes of the human race.

You live in order to transform your violent wild nature into peaceful and wise human nature. This conclusion is comprehended when you translate the meaning of dreams according to the scientific method of dream interpretation. The unconscious mind that produces your dreams gives you trustful explanations in all dream images.

The ignorant world believes that dreams are not specific and can not be translated, or even that they have no meaning. However, the scientific translations based on Carl Jung's discoveries and on my discoveries after continuing his research prove to the world that we can specifically translate the meaning of all dreams.

The dream language is like any other language made only by words, with the difference that it is made by images and it follows a different logic. When you translate the meaning of dreams according to the scientific method you can clearly understand the wise unconscious messages contained in all dream images. This is a true revelation. You perceive that these messages are wise and that they do not come from your own ignorant mind.

Even when you have dreams about your daily activities, you have important information about your psychological system or about the outside world. All dream images have a symbolic meaning, which is usually totally different from the meaning they have in your daily life. When you learn the symbolic meaning of the dream images you are able to read the unconscious words in your dreams.

These images reflect your behavior and the outside dangers that are threatening your peace of mind. They also correct your mistakes, showing you many things you ignore.

The unconscious mind proves God's existence to the atheistic world. All dreams are produced by God. Many ancient civilizations believed that dreams contain divine messages. Today we have scientific explanations that help us verify this fact into practice.

Carl Jung had discovered that God is the dream producer before me, but he did not trust God's wisdom because he believed that God was not only saintly, but also evil.

He did not know that all the evilness existent into the human psyche belongs to our anti-conscience because he could not see the anti-conscience. He stopped his research into the unknown region of the human psyche through dream interpretation at a certain point, believing that we could not learn more while we were alive. I had to continue his research from that point an on because I had to find answers for all the questions that Jung could not answer with the knowledge he had.

The unconscious mind showed me that I should continue Jung's research, and guided me during the entire process. This is why I could discover the existence of the anti-conscience, which is our primitive conscience, and is still active. It is not a fossil.

Since I could see all the evilness and the absurdity contained in the human brain and psyche, I understand that we are in fact demons. I also could perceive the sanctity of the unconscious mind because I had studied many years in a Catholic school.

Therefore, I paid attention also to the religious importance of God's existence, after continuing Carl Jung's research and learning how to deal with invincible mental illnesses.

We are not really human. The human being is in fact Satan. This is why we have to indispensably pass through a process of spiritual purification while we are alive.

This discovery gives explanations for many mysteries. Now we know why those who suffer from multiple personality disorder become cruel murderers, but their conscious personality does not remember the crimes they commit when they were possessed by an absurd and evil part of their personality. They are completely controlled by their anti-conscience when they commit barbarous crimes that their human conscience would not bear to realize.

Now we know that our world is ruled by terror, violence, and immorality because we are demons with a human face, and a tiny human conscience.

Now we know that God is the largest victim of our satanic origin, and that He is trying to eliminate the evilness and the absurdity of our anti-conscience during billions of years without success because evilness is stronger than goodness. It's easier to destroy than to build something. God's work is constantly destroyed by the evilness of our anti-conscience. God is obligated to punish the human race in order to eliminate our evilness.

So, now we know why we suffer so much.

Now we can also understand that we deserve our suffering because we are insensitive monsters. This is why poverty characterizes our crazy world, while all hypocrites who have financial power pretended to be unable to save the desperate from terror.

The social problems of the absurd modern civilization prove that we have a cruel behavior. Our wars and our daily crimes complete this tragic image.

We are monsters who must learn how to become really human. This is why God sends us wise messages in dreams.

These messages are secret because our anti-conscience must not understand their meaning before our conscience. We have to learn the meaning of the symbolic dream language if we want to understand the divine guidance in dreams.

Native Americans knew how to decipher the mysterious meaning of dreams. They respected the meaning of dreams because they trusted their wisdom. All civilizations of the world that respected the importance of the meaning of dreams believed that dreams are sent by God.

However, the mindset of the atheistic and materialistic modern civilization gradually annulated our intention to have spiritual experiences and believe in the existence of a spiritual reality.

We like to believe that we do not need a God. We like to believe that everything can be scientific explained, even if there are many points we ignore. We like to believe that we should look for pleasures in life and feed our ego.

However, when we understand God's words in dreams we verify that all religions reflect the truth, while the ideas of the absurd modern civilization are based on false concepts and absurd criteria. If we want to understand the meaning of life, we have to understand God's wisdom.

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Four Reasons To Love The One You’re With

Does being in love really have an effect on our heart? Can we suffer physical effects of a “broken heart”? Love creates not only feelings of happiness but also causes our bodies to create hormones and endorphins that have an effect on our well-being. With Valentine's Day right around the corner let's take a look at four reasons why being in love is good for your health.

1. Improved Heart Health. Feelings of love release hormones into your system that aid in lower blood pressure and improved blood flow, effectively making your heart beat stronger. Improved blood circulation continues our most critical functions for survival, leading to a longer and healthier life.

2.) Reduced Stress. Physical contact such as hugs, holding hands and even kisses with our loved ones release Oxytocin, also known as the “love hormone”. Oxytocin decreases feelings of anxiety when you are separated from your partner. Oxytocin has a calming effect on our minds effectively enabling us to relax and enjoy the moment rather than stressing over life's small annoyances.

3.) Glowing Skin. Not only does love reduce our stress and give our heart a workout, it can also aid in reducing signs of aging on our skin. Feelings of love release endorphins that increase blood flow improving our skins texture, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

4.) Positivity. Love reduces the risk of depression and can improve confidence, allowing individuals to attain all their hearts desire. The connection between two individuals can be influential to a persons mood and behaviors. Being in love creates a positive energy in individuals making us more accessible and pleasant in our daily interactions.

These four reasons make it pretty clear that love is good, not only for your heart, but also for your overall health and well being. Improved circulation and lower blood pressure help improve our overall heart health for a longer and healthier life. Reduced stress reduces general anxiety and allows us to live in the moment. A glowing complexion helps us look more youthful and overall healthy. Finally with a benefit of a positive outlook and reducing our risk of depression, we are more likely to go out and conquer our goals and our hearts desire. The feelings of love truly do have a lasting benefit to our overall health. This leads me to believe that a broken heart can not only be tough mentally but could also have a physical toll on our health.

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The Choices You Make Can Make A Difference In Your Life

You make choices each and every day. Some decisions are conscious and others seem to happen without so much as a thought, but you are still choosing.

You choose what time you will rise or go to bed, what you are going to eat or drink, what you are going to wear, what you are going to watch or read, what you are going to do or not going to do today, what road (s) you are going to travel, etc.

Decisions are made by you during the day whether you are aware of them or not.

Did you know you also choose your thoughts? The way you are going to be or the way you will handle things is up to you. It may not always seem like you have an option on how you feel or what you think, but you do.

You Can decide whether you will forgive or not forgive, whether you will be kind or unkind, whether you will be encouraging or discouraging, fair or unfair, or honest or dishonest, or at peace or war with yourself, others, and life.

These choices are sometimes the most difficult ones to make and seem as though they are out of your control, but they are not.

When things transpire in life that are less than desirable, even downright hurtful, tragic, unjust, unfair, unpleasant, or inconceivable, it can feel like there are not any choices available to you. There are.

At first you may be so traumatized or shocked by the event (s) that you are stricken by extreme emotions. It can be that way for quite sometime, ever you will come to a place of choice again.

You may never forget what has happened, but you can make choices to heal, to grow, to be a better person and learn to move forward and to love and find peace and joy again.

Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world”.

Whatever it is you wish to see, be.

Within triumphs, as well as within tragedies, lie the possibility for goodness and change.

No, change is not always easy and neither are the choices you may make, but they can make a positive difference in your life, and often in the lives of others, even if you can not see that immediately.

Do not make hasty or emotionally charged decisions. In my experience doing so is not always the best one or outcome. Being spontaneous is much different then making quick or emotional choices.

Take your time when you are making decisions.

Breathe again. Stop and take things in. Validate and evaluate where are you right now. What's going on for you? What are you feeling? What do you need to do for you? What's working or not working for you anymore? What, if anything, do you need to add to or remove from your life?

Gain some clarity. When you see things clear it makes it easier to decide what you're going to or not going to do next.

Allow your emotions to settle. Often when something occurs our emotions are running high; let your feelings calm down before making decisions. Find your center, that victorious space within you.

Look at your choices. Sometimes it looks like there are not any options. See if you can put things in a different light or perspective because often when you do, it becomes easier to see that which you did not see or understand before.

Weigh the pros and cons of a decision before making it.It helps when you can see the positives and negatives of the choices you are making; one side will usually outweigh the other and therefore is easier to know if that is the best choice for you at this time.

Be an active ingredient in the choices and changes in your life.

Do not wait for someone or something to change before you do. Make a choice to do what is best for you today. Be that which you are looking for in or from another.

Old patterns, behaviors, and mind-sets that are not in your best interest can be challenging to break free from, but it is possible, and the choice is yours.

It's time to let go of what is holding you back or captive, or keeping you stuck in negative thoughts and emotions that are not allowing you to grow and expand.

Move forward again; be at peace; live life the best you can; make choices that are helpful for you and recognize when you are not.

The choices you make really can make a difference in your life, so choose wisely.

Use these techniques to assist you in seeing how your choices are working or not working in your life.

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The Importance of Primary Foods

Have you ever seen someone who looks healthy on the outside, but lives on junk food? Or someone who watches every little thing that they eat, but are still happy with their body image?

Being healthy is not just about the food we eat, it is about primary food as well. What is primary food you ask? As defined by Joshua Rosenthal, author, nutrition expert and teacher, “Primary food is more than what is on your plate.” “Healthy relationships, regular physical activity, a fulfilling career and a spirituality practice can fill your soul and satisfy your hunger for life” . It is important to keep our primary food, along with the food we eat, in a healthy balance. These things can not be separated as they all come together to make up who we are.

Healthy relationships – Breaking away from negative relationships can be very difficult. Keep interactions with pessimist people to a minimum. And, most importantly, believe in yourself and nurture the wonderful relationship you have with YOU!

Regular physical activity – This does not have to be an hour a day of rigorous cardio or weight lifting. Go outside for a nice walk with someone you love (dogs included!) Or choose an activity you love to do that gets you moving, like gardening or playing in the snow with your kids. Yoga is another great activity and 15 minutes of it will do. Whatever you choose, make it a habit to get out daily and get moving!

Fulfilling career – How many people do you know really love their job? If everyone loved what they did, I believe this would be a much happier world. If you do not love what you do, find your passion and find ways to make it into your life. Believe in yourself, persevere and great things will happen!

Spirituality practice – You do not need to be religious or go to church to be spiritual. Just believe in something. Something fun you can do is create a “God Box” or “Worry Box” (or whatever other name draws to you). Take a box and decorate it. When you have a worry, write it down on a piece of paper, put it in the box, and LET IT GO!

When you make it a habit to work on your primary food, you will see a shift in yourself and you will be a healthier, happier person. And when you are happy and healthy, there's no telling what wonderful things you will do!

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The Relationship Between Our Mental, Physical, and Spiritual Health

The dream language is complex because it follows a different logic. A few civilizations of the world could understand the meaning of dreams and respected the divine guidance in dream messages. They did not transmit their knowledge to the world and the meaning of dreams remained a mystery. Then, many impostors distorted the meaning of dreams with numerous suppositions based on opinions, even when they related scientific studies to their suppositions.

Only Carl Jung made a serious research, trying to understand the meaning of the dream language like an archeologist. He did not distort the meaning of dreams with his personal opinion.

Carl Jung discovered the psychotherapeutic value of the meaning of dreams, and I discovered the real dimension of the dream messages, after continuing his research. This is why my work uncovers the privilege of the absurd world, showing you the relationship between your mental, physical, and spiritual health. My work helps you stop having mental and physical problems after abandoning the erroneous concepts or our barbarous historical time. You learn how to avoid hidden traps and reserve your mental stability in all situations.

You verify that all human beings are absent from birth even if they seem to be reasonable according to the narrow-minded concepts of the atheistic and materialistic modern civilization.

I could discover the sanctity of the unconscious mind. I could also discover the wild side of the human conscience, the anti-conscience, which has satanic characteristics and generations mental illnesses within our conscience. With these two discoveries and my attitude I managed to put an end to the original sin. I managed to prove to the world with my own example that all human beings must obey God's guidance in dreams to save their sanity. I have also mentioned many other examples. You can find more details in my work.

The meaning of dreams not only cures the dreamers' psyche, but also purifies their spirit. This means that all dreamers understand the importance of their moral principals.

The unconscious mind helps you retain your human dignity and transform your wild tendencies into human capacities.

You learn how to definitively stop being violent and attain a higher level of knowledge based on wisdom and goodness. You understand the importance of your morals, without accepting the immorality imposed by the atheistic, materialistic, and superficial world.

The world is attached to the material life, as if the material world was everything we had. However, you will understand the existence of your spiritual reality and its importance. They, you will use this knowledge to solve your problems.

The information you have in dreams helps you understand how to cure physical diseases without medications and surgical operations. Everything depends on the mental health of each person. Our mental health and our spiritual health are connected and depend on one another. Our mental health determines our physical health.

All diseases are formed because of psychological problems and immoral tendencies. They can be eliminated when we cure the mental health of the individual. We can eliminate what generates a physical disease by curing a certain psychological problem.

Thanks to the accurate translation of the meaning of dreams we can clearly understand how to transform our negative reactions into positive behavior and stop having mental and physical problems. This is a facility that saves our lives.

The guidance of the unconscious mind in dreams is similar to the guidance we have in our religion. Every religion helps us transform our satanic anti-consciousness into human conscience, so that we may stop being absurd and evil.

We have to learn the meaning of compassion, forgiveness, generosity, humility, and sincerity during our lives, so that we may become wise human beings. Goodness is sound mental health and wisdom.

However, the violent world is very far from goodness. The false goodness of the hypocritical world is based on selfishness. Real goodness is based on sanctity.

Our crazy world is ruled by terror, violence, immorality, hypocrisy, and greed. We are so far from balance that we are unable to understand how to cure our absurdity. We indispensably need superior guidance.

We may be able to work normally and do many things without problems, but our psychological system needs our attention, especially when it is problematic. This happens because we are in fact under-developed primates with a tiny human conscience, which must be developed. We do not know what is good or bad. We have to trust the divine wisdom, recognizing the depth of our ignorance.

Does this mean that you must respect the dream messages more than the judgment of your own conscience?

Yes, this is the truth. The importance of the dream messages surpasses the human dimension. You have access to God's knowledge when you understand God's words in dreams. You can trust God's guidance without fear, while you can not trust your own suppositions because you are ignorant.

You will always verify that you did what was right and saved you from trouble after obeying the divine guidance. This is guaranteed. You may disagree with this guidance while you ignore its results, but you will surely be grateful for having obeyed this guidance later, after seeing from what kind of dangers you were protected.

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You Can Find Methods To Heal Mind Body And Spirit With Distant Energy Healing Sessions Easily

Distant energy healing is performed using intent and focus. When applied through Chios, it uses the same sweeping or hovering hand movements, around and above the patient's body as would be done in person. The basic premise is that energy of any kind is not limited by time or space, so that positive rays can be transmitted by the trained and skilled practitioner to a person in a different location. This sending or directing of Universal Life Energy is often known as healing from a distance.

The ultimate goal of Chios is to holistically heal, harmonize and bring balance to the trinity of mind, body and spirit. Healers achieve this through learning how to channel rays. Master healers work on the person's overall wellness and specific issues using the “touch of light”.

Chios is a “breakthrough” new technique that seeks to discover and resolve the true, root defects of a patient's aura and chakras. It employs spiritual healing in an extraordinarily pro-active manner. This holistic method was devised by Steve Barret and is a product of twenty years of research and development, rigorous testing and evaluation, and painstaking refinements.

The word “Chios” derives from the language of the ancient Bactrian civilization. It's closest English translation is “life force”, although it also reflects the upward growth, physical and spiritual generated by the power welling in all living things. Chios is seen by many as the premier higher dimensional art of the 21st Century.

America, Canada, Australia, Holland, Ireland, Greece, Norway, Singapore and the United Kingdom all have Chios Master teachers. Chios uses standardized learning methods available to all. It involves a copymitted and trademarked system of sixty-two procedures.

Energy healing sessions are a comprehensive method of treating problems with the aura and chakras. It is a modern addition to the alternative medicine and holistic umbrella categories. Chios seeks to balance chakras and to fortify their power reserves. The basis of Chios is the belief that afflictions with the spirit, mind and body stem from a wider realm of consciousness, so that empathic perception and thought communication are key elements to their resolution.

Distant Chios treatments help the recipient to set themselves free from the limitations of an afflicted mind, spirit or body. They enhance the patient's overall quality of life, and encourage spiritual development. The healer's awareness is also expanded, allowing them to utilize color and light to catalyze healing of the patient's chakra and aura system. These unique, powerful and effective power field therapies draw on universal power, conducted through the practitioner's hands.

Chios master healers can heal mind, body and spirit with distant energy healing sessions. These sessions work through the love and intent of the healer being absorbed by the patient through the non-invasive placement of hands near the body's chakra points. Healers shape the light and work with it to correct energy flow in accordance with the reception of psychic information and guidance. Love and light are two of the main elements to working with this form of spiritual power. There is no restriction on who can do it, as long as the proper training is given, the limits to heal are endless.

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Dieting Stinks, Eating Smarter Works: Break Free of Food Cravings

Dieting can be a painful experience, because for some people, food is not only sustenance, but also comfort, a mental boost or a way to relax. When food is associated with feelings beyond hunger, dieting takes on a whole new level of difficulty. To make matters worse, many of the foods that people choose to fill these voids create real chemical / hormonal reactions in the body. This leads to intestinal cravings and cycles of overeating.

One issue that fuels this problem is the body's response to insulin. In an attempt to manage the sugars we consume (stabilizeize blood sugar), insulin is secreted from the pancreas. Keep in mind that “sugars” go far beyond just sweets and pure sugar. Carbohydrates are metabolized as sugar in the body; therefore, carbs spike your blood sugar in the same way.

The problem comes from diets too heavily loaded with carbohydrates. When you eat sugar or carbohydrates, your body will release insulin. This leads to the release of serotonin, a brain chemical that elevates your mood. Insulin is a necessary link in the chain of events that produces serotonin. Serotonin deficiency (a cause of depression), increases susceptibility to cravings.

The release of this mood-enhancing chemical explores the strong association bond created when you eat sugar or carbs. When you eat a simple or refined carbohydrates, you satisfy the brain and there is an increase in serotonin, but it will not trigger the signal that tells your brain you are full. People eat sugars and carbs, leading to a pleasurable feeling; however, it also spikes blood sugar.

The body's response is to release insulin and, without the addition of protein or fats, blood sugar crashes. Because of the body's survival mechanism, the resulting low-blood sugar creates intestinal cravings to eat. Thus, a cycle of compulsive overeating is created. Over time, these quick spikes in insulin and glucose can damage your metabolism, leading to insulin resistance and more cravings. By eating a complex carb, protein or healthy fat with your simple or refined carb you can slow the spike and crash cycle, thus leading to less desires to reproduce the pleasure response.

Today there is more research than ever shining light on a diet too heavily based in carbohydrates. Books like “Wheat Belly” and the recent trends towards “gluten-free” and “Atkins like” eating plans show the real effects of carbohydrates on the body. However, to be clear, carbohydrates are not evil. They serve an important purpose in the body. The body uses carbs for energy.

Sounds good, so why not fuel the energy reserves? Here is the problem; any sugar / carb source not immediately burned for energy will be stored as fat! You guessed it, too much energy fuel in, and not enough energy spent, and you will be building a nice storehouse of fat. This is a huge problem in our sedentary lifestyles. If you will do physical labor all day, much like our ancestors, you could use those carbs to keep you going for the work you need to accomplish. However, if you will be sitting most of the day, all you are doing by eating a carb-rich diet is padding your seat.

The nice thing is that the body not only burns carbs for energy, but it can also burn fat. You may say great! Sign me up! However, for the body to burn fat for energy, it must not have any carbs available to burn. This is the foundation of the Adkins diet, avoid carbs, burn fat, and lose weight. However as we know all things are not so simple. A total carb-free diet can cause other deficiencies in the body.

Many body systems are ruled by chemical / hormonal reactions caused by food. Eliminate one, and there will be side effects. Remember the “feel good” high from carbs? Gone-Many on Adkins report mood changes and other unpleasant side effects. In addition, the biggest issue is do you want to avoid carbs forever? Most people do not and as soon as they begin to indulge, old patterns emerge and bring with it the weight that was lost.

That is why extreme dieting fails. It does not take into account human nature combined with human chemistry. So what is the answer? First look at your relationship with sugar / carbohydrates and evaluate their effect on you personally. Break out of any bad cycles of consumption you have developed. Stack the deck! By choosing your food combinations wisely, you can regain control of cravings and make “dieting” easier and more productive. In the end, you get healthier by choice, not by chance.

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How To Charge Your Inner Battery

Recently I listened to a webinar by the Institute of Heartmath. I have their emwave2 device, and its such a simple yet sophisticated device I wanted to learn more about using it.

Heartmath believe the key to having energy stored in an inner battery is resilience. Their definition is “the capacity to prepare for, recover from, and adapt in the face of stress challenge and adversity.”


Hearthmath has a term they use called coherent. It is the optimal state to be in where the heart, mind and emotions are aligned and in synch and the pulse rate reflects that.

The idea is to do enough prep work out of a stressful situation so that soon after you find yourself stressed then you can work on bringing yourself back into coherence. It's harder to get back from a stressful event without having done the practice already. Much like meditation, it sometimes puts a groove in the track of your neural pathways so its easier to do.

One question to ask ourselves – Is this moment depleting us or renew us?


Relaxation does not equal coherence. We can be relaxed and depressed, relaxed and sad, which is a high inner state of turmoil where you may be lacking in energy.


One of the key drains of our inner battery is emotions. Emotions like fear, anger, frustration and impatience. Over time they can be detrimental as they increase the stress hormones in our body. The idea is to take chunks out of the power these emotional responses have in our lives, and find another way of responding. They affect our ability to self regulate. Often they can be a background hum in our lives, we do not know that they are just ticking away quietly draining our energy. The minor daily irritations, not the big blow outs.

How can you plug the energy leaks?

We need to spend more time practicing resilience emotions. Emotions like appreciation, gratitude, enjoyment, ease, tolerance, patience, compassion. Building our resilience and charging our inner battery means we spend a period of time actively in these emotions, not waiting for the outer circumstances to impact us so we feel these emotions.

Resilience is about composition.

Put Your Heart Into It

It's not a case of being Pollyanna about life, but the times you feel these emotions, by putting your heart into them, will impact the stressful times and you're resilience. It's like saving for a rainy day, so when it rains, you have a buffer already in place and can access your reserves more automatically.

Being coherent is being energetically centred and being able to be in charge of yourself.

Heartmath breathing is basically breathing through your heart. Imagine you have lungs in your heart and you breathe in and out through your heart. You're shifting from your thinking brain to your heart brain. Taking slow breaths.

Using my emwave2, I surprisingly noticed that what I thought was relaxed and coherent, was not. I found if I had thoughts of love for people or animals while breathing, I could not stay in coherence, but I noticed if I had more spiritual thoughts while breathing, I was in coherence faster and for longer. Thoughts about love for humanity.

Do you have any kind of stress reducing practice?

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To Fear, or Not to Fear Health: That Is the Question

Do you often hear people say: “Fear your dreams, and they will come true?” Or what about in sports. Do you hear encouraging coaches yell out, “Fear that team! Then you'll have a chance of beating them?”

You might be shaking your head “no” because you know this mindset is an impossible way to get what you really want. Yet, health topics are regularly infused with scary words and fear-based perspectives in the world around us. This type of thinking relegates healthy self care as something that is out of reach and fear-based.

Even though new or chronic health symptoms can feel scary to go through, they can offer you clues into which areas of health need the most attention. Their habits and characteristics can even shed light on how to go about taking better care of yourself.

As much as possible, keeping healthy practices in the “You can do it” and “You can handle this” camps over the “Scary and unapproachable” camp can do wonders in helping you increase health hurdles to look and feel the way you want in your health.

It is not even always the symptoms themselves that are producing the actual fear. Sometimes, we may know that health is within reach but we can actually fear experiencing that health again in our lives. Getting used to the idea that you can enjoy good health in your life and asking for yourself the guilt, doubts, and other types of naysaying that can battle that idea is important.

Where does the naysaying come from? It's easy to think that these may be the opinions of society or others around you. But these opinions can easily become our own too. You may not even be aware that you are just as scared of getting healthy in a particular area as you may be scared to stay sick in it.

Getting healthier takes patience, learning, and being open to change. These practices are not always easy to take on, but they form the undering keys to renewing and sparking health in life. As challenging as these keys can be to forgive, they also offer fun and rewarding experiences that are unique to you. They help you realize that even though it may feel comfortable not to go after the health you want, absolutely you may just be sick and tired of being sick and tired.

To Fear, or Not to Fear Health: That is the Question. And it's a question worth asking when you're trying to get healthier because fear often creeps up during that time. Just remember, learning about your unique health patterns and how to feel better can actually be a fun and educational process! Do not let fear block you from the experience of feeling health in your life.

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Facts And Truths About Tiredness

You can experience tiredness as a result of many causes. Medical conditions such as sleeping disorders, flu as well as seriousness illness can be the reasons. The causes could also be lifestyle related for instance unhealthy eating habits and working for very long hours. Other psychological causes like stress and depression are also causes of tiredness.

Causes of Tiredness

Tiredness is characterized by loss of energy in the body which leaves the bones feeling very weak. The causes of tiredness usually differ according to the gender and age of an individual. For instance, there are certain medical conditions that can leave women feeling so weak but the same medical conditions will not have serious effects to men. And since adults are exposed to a lot of issues that usually involve emotions you may find them being tired because of some emotional causes, something which is less likely to happen to children.

Anemia is a chronic disease that leaves a person very tired. This is because it causes the level of the red blood cells in the body to go down in turn causing reduction in the level of hemoglobin that is responsible for carrying oxygen around all parts of the body. This causes a sharp drop in the supply of oxygen around the body, a situation which causes tiredness. Other disorders that cause tiredness are insomnia and apnea, cancer and the medications prescribed towards it as well as heart problems.

If you have an unhealthy sleeping routine due to work or others issues, then chances of being tired are high. The body has to be allowed to rest for at least 8 hours during the night for it to function well. That is why people who work night shifts are prone to tiredness because they work when they are supposed to be sleeping and as a result confusing the internal clock of the brain. Sleeping a lot and being exposed to disturbances when you are sleep can also result to tiredness. Consumption of drugs as well as alcohol can cause tiredness too.

If you are depressed due to being sad for a long time or having anxiety and stress, then you are most likely to experience fatigued. Your diet may also be another cause of tiredness so you might want to check on it. You should make sure that you make Vitamin C part of your diet since studies show that a lot of people who suffer from tiredness do not have enough of this vitamin in the body. The best sources for vitamin C are fruits and vegetables but you can also take 1000 milligrams of Vitamin C supplements everyday if you happen to be low on this crucible vitamin. All B vitamins as well as minerals like zinc and magnesium are very important for energy.

Diagnosis for tiredness can be a bit hard due to the many causes behind it. A doctor may need to do tests about your diet, medical history, and lifestyle as well as life events. If you are always feeling fatigued, you should always make a point of consulting a doctor.

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Stress Reduction and Stress Relief: Prevention – Get Back Into Control!

Stress Reduction and Stress Relief: Prevention-Get back into control!

Why just manage your stress when you can reduce it !?

In this article you are going to discover some core fundamentals to help you prevent and reduce your stress!

Stress messes up your sleep. It promotes weight gain (belly fat). It inhibits your ability to lose weight. It zaps and reduces your energy. It negatively impacts your relationships. It takes the joy and juice out of life. You feel like the world is on top of you and you're being crushed. You may have that sinking feeling. And chronic stress shortens your life span! These are all excellent reasons why you need to get your stress under control. However, why would you want to live like that? You have a choice!

More simply put, if you want to relax and feel better, if you want to get rid of that stressed out, overwhelmed anxious feeling – where you feel like you can not accept or deal with things anymore, you must get your stress under control . If you want to have more control of your life, have peace of mind, be more confident, sleep better, and lose weight. If you want better, closer more fulfilling relationships, if you just want to feel better, and to have more fun and joy in your life, you must get your stress under control! You deserve better. You deserve to have a life with more fun and joy. We all do!

Where did you learn how to manage or reduce your stress? Your parents? In school? The workplace? On the “fly” as needed? We may have learned inappropriate ways “survival techniques”, that are non-supportive such as getting angry, yelling, hitting, retract and keep it inside, substance abuse, binge eating etc. We need to learn some new, healthier techniques and strategies, which are more supportive and give you fast relief and control!

Confucius said … “Life is really quite simple but we go about trying to make it more complicated than it is”. Remember, keeping it simple is smart! Let's keep it simple and let's be smart about this.

Perception and Response

There are two aspects of stress you need to understand. One. Stress is what happens in your body, not the outside situation. The stress response is what happens inside you based on your interpretation or your response to the situation or circumstances. Your perception is reality! Learning to control your perception will be vital to managing your stress.

Two. The stress response to the situation is neither good nor bad in and of itself. It depends on the situation or circumstances. For example stress is good when it protects us in a dangerous situation or when it takes us from doing dumb things!

You should also understand the circle of control (imagine a bull's eye target with three circles on it). The outer circle is where many spend too much time. This is the area of ​​concern. This area contains things we can not control or influence. Traffic, weather or wars as examples. There is no point worrying about things you can not control. The area of ​​influence is the area where we can have some sort of influence but we are not really in control. Example, the work environment, family life, other people actions or feelings etc.

The area of ​​control is what we should strive for. In this area we can control and guide what happens in our life. We can control what we eat, think, how we talk, how we move, who we choose to interact with, how we react to a situation, our work habits, study habits, etc. Please understand, this is where peace of mind and confidence come from and where stress, worry and anxiety leave us.

Build your foundation. Balance your physiology

An upside down triangle diagram shows how most live their life in terms of stress reduction. They spend too much running around putting out fires, out of control and on edge. This is the top part of the triangle. Some have learned basic techniques of stress management or stress reduction by altering their perception. They feel a bit more in control. This is the middle section. And finally, a few focus on balancing their physiology, which is the most vital and paramount aspect for reducing stress. This is the base of the triangle.

What do you notice about this upside down triangle way of living? Does it look unbalanced? Like it could easily fall over and crash? Well it can! Please do not live your life like this. It's unhealthy and it's no fun! I can share with you some simple and fundamental shifts that I know will greatly help you.

A better, more supportive and healthy way to live is where you focus on your foundation. Imagine a normal triangle. The core fundamental pillar of stress reduction is balancing and controlling your physiology- your base. I believe this is absolutely vital and necessary and most miss it completely. They do not teach this in school or the work place. This aspect you have lots of control over. This puts you in a proactive state, which makes you feel good and builds confidence as well as gives you peace of mind. I call this the stress reduction foundation model.

Balancing your physiology sets the “tone” for all other aspects of stress reduction. It's the base for the other aspects of stress reduction. It's the foundation! It includes regular and proper amounts of sleep and exercise, blood sugar and insulin control, reducing toxicity etc. Get this right and the other areas come much easier and acute stress is not nearly as stressful or traumatic. It's No big deal! You will enjoy life more. If you miss this component you will have excess stress, be very unbalanced and prone to “crashing”.

Changing your perception is also a proactive step that puts you in control and is important for the whole stress reduction process. This will help bring more peace of mind, happiness and joy to your life. Stress management and stress reduction techniques are learnable skills we all need to learn and master!

And finally, dealing with acute stress or stressful situations. This is the “putting out fires” or the “treatment” phase. This is a reactive stage. We do not have much control over when these events happen so we need to learn new strategies and techniques for “managing” them when they do happen.

As a summary, stress reduction and prevention is really as simple as 1 … 2 … 3!

  • Build a strong solid foundation – “Balance your physiology”.
  • Learn new ways to enhance your perception and regain control
  • And only when necessary apply the “treatment” the acute stress management techniques you will learn.

Can you now understand why mastering acute stress reduction techniques are vital for you to feel better and in control? However, they are only a small part of a larger strategy of learning how to reduce your stress and prevention. You have to learn how to change your perception (prevention) and building a strong, solid foundation by balancing your physiology!

I have to ask you a question, what would happen if you learned some new strategies? How would your life improve? What would happen if you really mastered and learned how to handle your acute stress? How would that change your outlook on the world? If you could master even one or two of these techniques “in how many ways would your life improve?

And finally, please be aware, stress reduction is also about having more joy, fun and happiness. It's about focusing more on the things that you really value and give you more meaning, purpose and direction to your life. It's about living with passion and having fulfillment!

In future articles you will explore in more detail with practical real life examples how to deal with acute stress situations, how to enhance your perception and how to build a strong stable foundation so you have fast relief from acute stress and life long happiness and joy. This will help you move from the reactive to the proactive stages where you are in control. We will also examine workplace stress reduction, relationship stress reduction, financial stress reduction and much, much more.

I'm Robert Ridpath. I hope this article served you well and allows you to live a happier, healthier life.

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Home Health Care Workers and the Bed Bug Scourge: How to Protect Yourself

Health Care Dynamics

As the national debate over affordable health care continues, the real battle is in the trenches. Medical technology and the healing arts notwithstanding, patients are spending less time in the hospital and more time in managed home care. Home health care professionals and social workers are increasingly involved in care-giving, administration of medicines and general follow up. Many of the patients are poor or elderly and stay in urban settings of apartments, independent living or care centers. Demographics and pest management reporting shows that bed bugs are most prevalent in these living situations. As home health care workers, you really have no idea what conditions or levels of infestation await you as you provide service.

Bed Bugs have RETURNED!

The reasons for the resurgence and return of this common pest, and the global “pandemic” are many. We have become a global economy, as well as global travelers. The avenues for them to find a food source to thrive and multiply are increasing daily. They feed on humans, and we are now moving into more urban and religious population centers. More people: more bed bugs. A single pregnant female (if left unchecked) can literally produce thousands in a matter of weeks! They are hitchhikers and have an uncanny ability to hide and survive. Their bites produce varied reactions in patients, but in general will cause an itchy red welt, which the patient scratches, that opening bleeding wounds. The open wounds are the source of blood borne pathogens; the pest itself does NOT transmit disease.

Working in the real world

Bed bugs have no socio-economic preference for a host. Every human being is a potential food source. If you are working in and around a their hiding place, or in an area that has a high potential for infestation, then you are at risk. As you assess a patient, be mindful of the following strong indicators of their presence: open wounds on the patient; black smudges or dots on the mattress, or wall (fecal matter); a significant amount of bug spray or insect repellant near the bed; large quantities of bay leaves or other aromatic leaves in or around the bed. A typical hide-out is quantities of clutter, or “stuff” which is quite common in urban dwellings. These conditions are strong “clues” that you are in a high risk situation. In addition to those personal protective measures you employ to reduce the risk of infection to you, there are simple precautions that you can employ both before and after a visit.

YIKES! I think I have bed bugs; what can I do?

You have several choices: You can spend hours online reading the thousands and thousands of pages of information; you can burn all of your marriages, or you can follow some very simple and straight-forward guidance. FIRST: Do NOT Panic; SECOND: Create a barrier between your workplace and your home. Most home health care professionals wear their scrubs from their own home to the patient's location. Remove your clothing before you enter your home. THIRD: place your clothing and bedding in the clothes dryer for 30 minutes at high heat. FOURTH: capture any bug that you find, put it in a baggie and have it positively identified by a qualified professional. FIFTH: Make sure you document the situation, and your concern about bed bug infestation in the patient's home, and get professional collections involved. SIXTH: If you do decide to engage a pest management professional, inquire about their expertise with bed bugs and Integrated Pest Management.

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