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Talking With God Through Dream Messages

We always wished we could have a direct communication with God, but this was impossible. Only now that Carl Jung managed to decipher the mysterious meaning of the symbolic dream language, and now that I completed his research, we can have a direct communication with God through dream messages.

Perhaps you believe that God should find another way to have a communication with us instead of speaking in dreams. His symbolic language is a mystery.

* Dreams seem to be confusing images that do not make sense. We have to study the dream language to understand God's words.

* We forget our dreams when we wake up. We have to concentrate our attention in our dreams in order to remember them. If we think about something else when we wake up, we are unable to remember our dreams no matter how much we may try to do so.

* The meaning of dreams seems to be incomprehensible. Carl Jung is the only one who could really understand the dream language, but his method of dream interpretation is so complicated that only a few of his students could understand it.

If I would not simplify his method after translating many dreams for many people during two decades, you would not be able to learn the dream language.

Why so many complications?

I will show you why everything is so difficult and why only now that I discovered the existence of a wild conscience in the human brain you can finally completely understand God's guidance in dreams.

God could not be too clear because

* You must be tested all the time,

* You anti-conscience must not understand the dream messages before your human conscience does, otherwise it will distort the divine guidance,

* Your ego will be hurt and have a negative reaction because God shows you your mistakes.

The information you have in dreams is dangerous and unpleasant. You learn that your mental stability is in danger. You have to be prepared to understand the truth about your mental condition without being discouraged.

Through dream translation you gradually understand how absurd you are, and what you have to do to become a mentally healthy individual. God must carefully show you the truth without disappointing you too much. Of course, you will be disappointed, but you must have the courage to fight absurdity.

You have inherited too much absurdity into your anti-conscience. Even your human conscience is deficient because it is one-sided and under-developed.

Understanding the depth of your absurdity and evilness is a painful experience.

If you would suddenly discover that you are basically a demon (because your anti-conscience occupations the largest part of your brain) you would be shocked with this fact. You would not have the courage to transform your personality. You would believe that you would never become a better person because you are too evil.

Now that you are reading this article you are not shocked because you do not really believe me, you are indifferent, and you may also be distracted by many other thoughts. If you had no doubt that there is a demon into your brain and you could see the dangerous content you have inherited, you would feel discouraged and sad.

God must be careful and diplomatic, so that you may understand the bitter truth, and at the same time believe that you can become a wise and sensitive human being.

This is not impossible. You can become a genius and attain higher levels of knowledge if you will obey the divine guidance. Everything depends on your dedication.

God works like a private psychotherapist for every human being because He knows that we need His psychotherapy. He created a well-organized planet with numerous vegetable and animal species, and He gave us everything we need in our planet and in our own body, the same way He gives us free psychotherapy in our dreams because He has a plan.

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What Is the Essence of Being a Reiki Master?

What is the essence of being a Reiki master? Is it healing people? Healing animals? Healing the planet? Healing the universe? Could it be that as Reiki masters, we have a sense of duty to the life force itself. Some Reiki masters may feel drawn to be “custodians of life” or “custodians of the planet” as they actively seek ways to share and nurture compassion for other beings. Whether this means the laying on of hands, or distance Reiki to people on the other side of the world, many Reiki masters purposely seek opportunities to heal / help / nurture health and life.

Some Reiki masters are vegetarians, some are Vegans and some extend their compassion towards the plant and Vegetarian kingdoms as well, by showing them concern that even eating a carrot or an apple involves the killing of the soul of that entity. So how in the world can each reiki master survive and flourish? The best way that I have found, so far, is to “minimize violence and maximize compassion.” This may sound like an oddly contrived notification in order to “get my way” with what I eat and what I do. Yet, it does help me to recognize my true path and remain true to the highest principals that I'm able to comprehend then far on my journey.

When I eat a fresh pear for breakfast, I eat one pear from one living tree. When I make tomatoes and pasta for lunch, I take the lives of several tomatoes, some leaves from an oregano plant and some wheat. So, yes, indeed, the lives of some animals and some essence of their living souls are coming into my being to nourish my life. Once you've read “The Secret Life of Plants” by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird, we gain a considerable understanding of plants and trees.

When somebody eats a burger for lunch, indeed, we all know, one cow must first be killed in order to produce that burger, steaks and other items that people eat. Can we then ask how the cow was raised? We can look at the acres and acres of corn, soy or alfalfa that were cultured, chemically fertilized and fed to the cow in order to produce a pound of meat. We may also look to the lungs of planet earth, the Amazon rainforest, and recognize that hundreds of acres of virgin forest are cut down every day in order to make way for more fields of animal feed. So the question is, “for what are we responsible when we sit down to eat?”

It would be easy to say, “Hey Tom, this discussion of Reiki is facing some serious mission creep.” Indeed, maybe Reiki masters should just focus on hand positions, the flow of energy and the use of symbols. Or, maybe we as Reiki masters should expand our healing and compassionate concerns more and more broadly as we reach out with heart and soul to nurture the life force that makes this planet green and habitable.

At the end of the day, we sit down for dinner. We choose. We eat vegetables, grains and legumes. Or, we eat cows and pigs. Or, we cut down a hundred trees because of our diet choices. Or we rationalize our behavior. We do lots of things at dinner. We take as much responsibility as we can.

We try not to judge. We try not to condemn. We do ask a lot of questions at the heart of our souls.

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Introduction to Reiki 2

Reiki 2 is a major step forward in your development as a healer and in terms of personal spiritual evolution. The major differences you experience in Reiki 2 include a dramatic increase in energy and increased sensitivity to energy flow. These changes are accompanied by clear intuition and awareness of the presence of Reiki guidance. You may experience personal personal changes in your behavior, beliefs and attitudes. Channeling Reiki contributes to releasing obsolete patterns of thought and liberal emotional restrictions.

Attunement into higher levels of Reiki involves dealing with yourself honestly and directly. It may embody surrender and exposure to the roughest qualities of your ego and soul. This is true opening and initiation. The process can be very challenging and demanding. Similarly, channeling Reiki 2 can facilitate and necessitate physical changes. This can be described as a detoxification process as your body begins demanding pure and more ethnic sources of food. You may find yourself avoiding toxic mental mental input and refusing to ingest unhealthy dietary input. You may find it necessary to terminate unhealthy relationships or alter your job situation. Ultimately, the whole process is intensely rewarding, allowing you to grow to your full potential.

Reiki 2 involves the use of three symbols. It includes advanced healing techniques and thorough study of the chakra system. As we evolve spiritually, we become stronger and more sensitive healers for the benefit of all. Most students begin inquiring about Reiki 2 even before they complete Reiki 1. This reveals a natural enthusiasm for a beautiful healing experience. Please be sure you are well established in the foundation practices of Reiki 1 such as hand positions, knowledge of chakras, meditation and mindfulness training before embarking on Reiki 2.

I suggest at least three months of regular practice and study of Reiki 1 before proceeding to Reiki 2. Some teachers provide Reiki 1 and 2 training all in one weekend or in one week. Determine for yourself which training schedule or curriculum best responses to your needs for personal healing and transformation. Reflect honestly on your motivation and needs for Reiki as you decide how to most effectively pursue your training.

Attunement to Reiki 2

An attunement by a qualified Reiki Master is required to gain access to the energy of Reiki 2. The teacher prepares the training area through a process of purification in which you may assist. The purification includes the use of Reiki symbols, incense, candles, physical cleaning of room, hands and feet, meditation and other procedures that are appropriate under the circumstances. The Reiki Master performs a sacred ceremony similar to the one you experienced in Reiki 1. The ceremony is a request for Reiki to attune you to receive symbols, energy, protection, awareness of Reiki guides and stronger intuition.

The attunement process opens you to a substantial experience of energy and spirit. Students often perceive colors surrounding the master or around the healing area. Intuition sharply increases with Reiki 2. You may experience this intuition as feelings, as an inner voice of wisdom or as visions that guide you. Reiki spirit “guides” may also manifest, which you may experience as an additional presence during healings, or see see, depending on your level of psychic perception.

My friend Ninfa describes how she saw our healing room full of violet color and perceived an angelic presence during her attunement, which happened to be 19,000 kilometers away in Bolivia! She said, “I would love to share one of the best experiences that I had with Rei Ki. The initiative with you to level 2 was great. fresh wind inside and outside. I felt one with the energy flowing … I treasure this experience and will always be grateful that you let me be part of Rei Ki experience !!! Peaceful Reiki is deep inside me thanks to you! .. What I did not say before is that I could see the symbols in my mind before knowing them from your book! Your friendship is the best gift that you can give me plus the light that you sent me across the ocean. ”

Each person experiences Reiki in a unique way. Are you ready to pursue your own experience with Reiki several steps further?

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Investing in Consciousness

The main issues of today are dealt with by focusing on what people believe. For instance, some people believe that the police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO, was justified by the police. And others believe it was not. Another issue is going to war in the Middle East against ISIS. Some people feel it is not our business and we should not be involved; others feel that they are a threat against America and we are justified to be active against them. A third issue is what the Republicans feel and what the Democrats feel.

The main problem is not in the right and wrong in what you believe in. The main issue is the consciousness it is perceived with. When you focus on thinking, which is very important, you deal with things with a certain consciousness. When you focus beyond thinking, you can go back and deal with the issues from a higher consciousness. Most people constantly focus on thinking and they navigate through life on what they believe.

In Latin, the word 'believe' comes from the word 'to allow.' When you allow what you believe, you do not always have the consciousness that goes beyond your personal perspective. For instance, if you grow up in a Republican household, your beliefs would be influenced by that. If you had a selfless perspective, you would be able to see more than your past conditioning and see issues from a broader perspective.

The main problem in our society today is the consciousness we live our life in. We train our children to focus on thinking to be evaluated in a positive way. During those formative years, if we even presented the idea of ​​focusing beyond thinking, they would naturally be open to that possibility. When this idea is presented to most people, they relate to it in a religious way. It takes faith to go beyond the security of thinking. For those who focus on thinking, they hide behind their belief system. The way they get to God is by focusing on the “right” way of thinking.

In almost every spiritual path, silence is honored as a way to connect with God. Silence is definitely beyond thinking, for your thoughts can disturb real silence. The way to connect to God is not through a belief system, but the ability to surrender in silence. In silence “you” do not exist. There is no duality and a conscious approach to issues is a natural response. It is hard for people to go beyond the idea “I am,” for they focus on thinking and identify with it. “I am a Republican.” “I am a Democrat.” “I believe in God.” “I do not believe in God.” In a high state of consciousness, “I am” is all that you need.

We do not enter this discussion because we do not want to influence people's belief systems. If we deal with this issue focused on consciousness, we would become more conscious in dealing with what we believe. For instance, religion is not taught in school, because each family has different belief systems. There is a law that separates church and state, but that does not really affect people becoming more conscious.

Every belief system would benefit when people were more conscious. For instance, there are many wars based on different belief systems. That is unconscious. A conscious man can accept another's belief system without being harmed. The reason this has not been understood in the past is that we live in the consciousness that is limited by the way we think. Most people have experienced this beyond-thought consciousness when they fall in love or face a challenge that really threatens them.

This beyond-thought consciousness is common in sports, for when people enter 'the zone,' they are beyond thought and perform excellently. There could be 'a zone' in everything we do, but that requires people to go beyond the thoughts they identify with. It may seem impossible for different belief systems to live peacefully, but if we enter the zone and become conscious of more than our thoughts, our life would happen excellently.

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How Does Being Vegetarian Concern Spiritual Practice?

How does Vegetarianism concerned Reiki? Are not you adding a lot of unrelated topics to your explanation of Reiki? The original Reiki teachings and texts do not comment on the issue of eating animals. From the perspective of personal transformation through Reiki that I advocate, industrial animal farming, slaughter and chemical toxins in meat are all very negative factors in the pursuit of a healthy body, mind and spirit. Of course, it remains every person's free choice to eat meat, eat only fish or become a strict vegetarian. To make that choice wisely and humanely, please be sure to check the wisdom, humanity, nutritional and health related risks of all factors. You need to know your body's own true needs, sift through your cultural beliefs and ideologies and do what is best for your overall health and well being.

In a broader context, have you considered the spiritual aspects of eating meat compared to Vegetarianism? While this may be a very personal matter with a wide variety of responses, it should certainly be addressed. Deep in your heart, how do you feel about the living conditions of farm animals? Do you have a pet cat or dog? What do you think about slaughterhouse conditions? What is your position on animal cruelty? Would you be upset if somebody came in your house and kicked your dog or tried to break the neck of your little sister's pet rabbit? Do animals have souls? Do humans have a right to kill and eat other species? Visit the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals website to learn more about vegetarian ethics, lifestyle and several videos about the suffering of animals. Please do not get me wrong: I do not mean that vegetarians are more spiritual and meat-eaters are all heathens! I would just like everyone to consider all dimensions of this issue.

Vegetarianism and Planetary Healing

Beyond the personal dimension, we all have a responsibility for the health of our planet. Do you consider yourself an environmentalist? Raising a kilogram of beef requires sixteen times the amount of resources as it does to grow a kilogram of vegetables. How many virgin rainforests have been deforested in the interests of raising cattle? How much water is used to raise one cow or one pig? How much feed is required to fatten one chicken or cow? How much pesticide and insecticide is sprayed on the animal feed to keep away pests and how much chemical fertilizer is poured on the crops to maximize the growth of the corn fields? How much of this pesticide, insecticide and fertilizer ends up in your fried chicken dinner tonight? If you're like most people, you probably have no idea. Gabriel Cousens writes, “a vegetarian diet brings one into ecological harmony with all of creation.” It preserves land, water and energy and improvements the quality of life for humans and animals alike. To me, these are important reasons to take further steps in pursuing a vegetarian diet. It heals me, saves the lives of animals and helps minimize my impact on the planet. I just consider it being personally and ecologically responsible.

The Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) of the United Nations writes that the production of meat and animal products for mass consumption, especially through factory farming, is environmentally unsustainable. Their research shows that the livestock industry is one of the largest contributors to environmental degradation all over the world. Furthermore, modern practices of raising animals for food contribute on a colossal scale to air and water pollution, land degradation, climate change and loss of biodiversity. The FAO initiative concludes that “the livestock sector is one of the most significant contributors to the most serious environmental problems.”

I urge you to seek additional ways to minimize all aspects of violence from your life. After ten years as a Vegetarian, I feel a new awareness developing from within myself. I realize that when I harbor negative feelings towards anyone, this absolutely leads toward self-infected illness. I've learned to recognize that negative, judgmental thoughts are a minority form of violence . This seems to be the natural evolution of ahimsa , total non-violence. I work mindfully to diffuse negative feelings and thoughts as they arise. Please do not mistake me for a saint or anything like that. Indeed, I still get angry at my neighbors, still get upset when my computer crashes and worries over the state of the world. I do not mean that I've squashed all negativity and now sit on the high throne. I only mean to suggest that through mindfulness and practicing non-violence, I'm able to release a lot of negativity from my life.

Progressing from nutritional aspects of health and spirituality, the next chapter in our lives explores transcendent dimensions of being through transformation of the ego, our communities and our planet.

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Acceptance Is Power

Acceptance is empowering. Our ego may tell us that accepting people or circumstances means we failed somehow. When we can accept instead of convince, we have the power of clarity. Clarity of what we can and can not control, which is not a failure. Failure comes when we keep trying to convince someone of our perspective. Success is in the details of realizing that acceptings great peace and with it the ability to move forward.

How many people who you interact with by noon on any given day, lift you up? Do you lift others by noon each day? What is the pattern of interactions that set the tone for each day and week? There is a way to support those around us without being stuck in a pattern of negativity. Accepting circumstances as they are, will help you decide how to take healthy action. When you are in peace and clarity, you can see how to build others up and refill your own energy levels.

If you feel worn out you need to step back and do the things you know will refuel you. Accept the things that drag you down and readjust your schedule to weed them out. Clear some space in your life for the positive, life-changing opportunities that surround you. The power is in the awareness of how your daily activities make you feel. Accept things as they are, try to be a positive influence and move forward with the people and things that return your investment. Everything we do is either a withdrawal or investment in our inner peace and happiness. You may want to be conscious of daily feeling happy, accepting, positive and growing. Yes, growing is the only way we feel truly energized and alive.

Feeling stuck, in a rut, the grind, all these cliches are from people feeling awful and stagnate in their life. Living is a wonderful opportunity to connect and grow in a challenging world of differences. Accepting the differences is the magic wand to see your personal path clearly. Focus on the key stresses in your life and be creative about reducing them today! Chances are you have been introduced to the answer. You may not be clear on how you want today or next week to look like, so you may have passed it by.

Why would you like to design your life? We all do because it is inherent. What is lacking in our society is a focus on personal development and recognition of choice building tools. Creativity is encouraged in a reckless fashion for impulse buy- in without solid business principles attached. People get hurt, quit dreaming and settle for something safe. Would not it be nice to have a tool kit to help you make a decision based on good questions? You may thrive once you are able to accept yourself and others based on the principle of good questions.

Write down your top three concerns and your top three dreams. Then review your daily activity to start building towards the dreams and nullify the concerns. Wisdom is actually free. Accepting that we have to strive for it will guide your path to empowerment.

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Time Traveling to Visit Your Future You

One characteristic I appreciate about Christopher Nolan's direction style is that he respects the audience's intelligence. While so many movies are recycled sequels or targeted to drunken parties, it's refreshing to find a filmmaker who thinks more of his viewers, rather than less. So I recently ponied up a wad of cash to go to the cinema (I even paid nighttime rates!) And watched a heady sci-fi flick called “Interstellar.”

No spoiler alerts, but the butler did it. (Just joking.) Anyways, to sum up the film in the space I'm allotted in this column would be nearly as improbable as some of the concepts outlined in the story. Yet the main gist involves Matthew McConaughey and crew seeking out a new planet for humanity to call home via multi-dimensional, time-shifting space travel. I warned you: heady.

If you're into sci-fi, it's a great use of three-hours and, with the exception of some doubts I share with astrophysicist / celeb Neil deGrasse Tyson about traveling through black holes, the story is tight. (Of course, I'm pretty sure Mr. Tyson is not even aware that we share said concerns, but I'm sure he'd be delighted by my support.)

Anyhoo, I bring this to the conversation because the story reminded me that – although not as incredibly as are the characters in the film – we're all moving through time. For us however, it's limited to one direction and we are not given the ability to jump dimensions and re-chart former decisions we now regret.

Moreover, since the new year is rapidly approaching and January is ground zero for us to be inundated with reminders to make resolutions, I am jumping the gun to share a unique take on how to create that new you.

Every year well-intended people who espouse resolutions tell us to focus on positive actions, such as “I will go to bed at 10:00” or “I will use less salt.” Equally true, every year, somewhere north of 80 percent of people give up on their goals within their first three weeks. Something is obviously off-kilter.

That system is flawed because, firstly, “If you do not know where you're going, how will you know you've arrived?”

In other words, how can I be sure I've changed if I do not have a specific, solid, clear image of what transformation like looks? Resolving something like, “I will stress less,” “I'll exercise more,” or “I'll follow my diet;” are all fine and good, but too vague. After all, if I smile one extra time come January, does that mean I'm “happier” or if I take an additional walk, do I get to check off the box: “More exercise”?

A better way to accomplish goals is to start by asking yourself, “Suppose I had already become the Me I want to be, what would my life look like?” As an example, my Future Me would eat smaller portions in a more conscious manner; cut off late night binges; focus more on completing tedious tasks; use less salt; drink more water; read more often; and go to bed earlier. Your Future You might or might not look similar, but it's essential to picture him or her in as much detail as possible – and to do it often.

Then, regularly pause “Current You” and ask of yourself:

“If Future Me were here, what he or she is doing right now in these circumstances?” Next, ask yourself, “Am I doing that?”

Should the answer be negative, adjust the present-day moment to match the future version of you. Ta-da! Simple! What's cooler is, if you repeat this activity several times a day, eventually your answer becomes “Yes,” more times than “No.” In that instant, you realize that you've made the leap – and did so without Neil deGrasse Tyson questioning how you arrived.

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Are You Hiding Your Light?

With the recent arrival of autumn, shorter days, and the fall equinox, I felt a powerful shift in my understanding of myself. I realized that I have been hiding my light and I was finally ready to go deep and get some clarity. I realized that I was not living as loudly and clearly as I could and the reason is FEAR – fear of what others would say and how they would react to this version of me. This is not a new story for me, but I'm finally feeling the courage to face it and (lovingly) let it go for good!

Prior to this I was not fully living in MY light and sharing my innate gifts and vision. I was playing it safe by working with and for others and because I was weighed down by family obligations. I also feared judgment and rejection by family and friends if I really let myself shine. When you share your vision it means putting it out there for the world to see. That is something to celebrate, not fear, but it has taken me a while to get this place of empowerment thinking.

My story involves a family legacy of fear and doubt and a complicated relationship with my mother. Her rejection of me and my light shaped me from the age I was old enough to understand. Something I'm just now dealing with fully, in light of her death earlier this year. The big breakthrough for me was this – at the age of 47 this was still holding me back and I decided it was time to get this weight off my back once and for all!

With the help of my fellow health coaches and good friends, energy workers, and other healing practices, I have truly tapped into my spirituality and discovered this truth about how it was impacting my work and life. Now I'm clear on my work and the journey ahead and it feels wonderful! Sometimes it is still a bit scary and I'm learning to let go and take the path that feels right for me. There are people in my life that love me, but they will never understand and that is not my problem to solve … it is their response / issue to work through.

As a health coach I look at what is going on in every area of ​​a client's life to help them create the vibrant, healthy & delicious life they have always desired. This involves taking a close look at what is going on in four key areas of their life – Work / Career, Spirituality, Physical Activity & Relationships. When you are fulfilled in these four areas, what we call “Primary Foods”, actually food becomes secondary. It truly is a case of feeding your soul and the rest will fall into place. It is a beautiful and empowering process to witness in others!

Are you hiding your light? 3 Steps to make positive changes today –

1. Ask yourself the following questions –

How is this showing up for you in your life and your work?
Are you really living your vision and letting your light (gifts) shine?
If not, take some time to reflect on what you are missing and what your heart desires!

2. Once you identify what you want, set intentions. The universe loves declarative statements that live in the present. This is one of many that I use daily “I am now living my vision and letting my light shine!” Feel free to get really specific because the universe loves that even more.

3. Surround yourself with positive people and seek out healing practices to support you on your journey. For me this includes business & personal coaching, yoga, reiki, intuitive healers, meditation, chanting and social groups of like-minded women.

Give these steps a try, and learn to let your light shine!

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The Ego in Reiki: Aiming for a Trans-Personal Perspective

Each time I observe myself expressing strong opinions, I ask myself, “does this nurture my humility or propagate my ego?” Guess what? In most cases, my ego is gaining advantage while moisture takes a rain check. The ego gets a lot of bad press because it's frequently out of control. As David Hawkins writes in The Eye of the I , “the self becomes glamorized as the hero of one's life story … the principal actor in the melodrama of life. This requires that that self be defended … and that its survival becomes all important. This includes the necessity to be 'right' at any expense. ” When using Reiki, it's helpful to reflect on these thoughts and release the notification that you are the healer and you have the power. It's more effective and truthful to allow the universe do the healing. Keep in mind, ” there's no you, no me, just Reiki flowing to bring balance and health.” By healing from this perspective, the ego gradually takes a back seat and allows the universe to work its wonders.

Hawkins goes on to say “… one is the witness of phenomena, not the cause … The ego interposes itself between reality and the mind. edited in accordance with its previous programming. ” This suggests the deeper importance of recognizing the ego's persistence in controlling the world and claiming credit for everything. While healing with Reiki, breathe in, breathe out and keep your mind as neutral as possible. When wayward thoughts take, take note and let them go. Return your attention to your patient. Thoughts left unchecked are a distraction from neutral, impersonal mindfulness.

A transpersonal perspective reflects to the dimension of human consciousnessness beyond normal awareness. It includes expansion beyond personal pleasure and pain. It allows you to see yourself as a spiritual being having temporary human experience. It can transform your dilemmas and permit a wider dimension of healing. Use this approach first with yourself and then you can share it with your Reiki patients. Develop a transpersonal perspective to transcend your ego by practicing the following steps.

  • Identify a situation that worries you
  • Recognize your beliefs about the situation
  • Consider the situation through the eyes of someone who disagrees with you
  • Observe the differences in perspective and belief
  • Meditate and see the whole situation from a higher perspective
  • Visualize someone you highly respect such as Buddha or Jesus handling the situation
  • Reflect on the new perspectives and apply them to your situation

Thich Nhat Hanh writes in Being Peace that “understanding means to throw away your knowledge.” Knowledge, like it or not, blocks the way of understanding. You can enhance your flow of understanding by releasing your knowledge and opinions in order to transcend. This is tricky, especially since our lives seem to consist of nothing more than opinions and knowledge. Ultimately, just be in the moment of who you are with total mindfulness of the moment, completely going with the flow. Hanh writes further, “Do not think that the knowledge you present possess is changeless, absolute truth. Learn and practice non-attachment from views in order to be open to receive other's perspectives.” I've found that my greatest barrier to true listening is my open mouth! The open mouth is a like a giant drain that prevails ideas and perspectives from entering the ears and really absorbing into our minds.

On that note, if your mouth is open too much, maybe it's time to go and eat some fresh fruit or vegetables! Eating healthy food is every bit as important to spiritual development as meditation and taming the ego. As multi-dimensional animals, we need to address every facet of our existence. So, after a particularly enlightening meditation session, secure your spirit in your body and keep yourself well grounded in your earthly guise. As much as we may seek enlightenment, remember to attend to your physical needs with equal mindfulness.

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The Psoas Muscle And It’s Relationship With Your Soul

Psoas Pain

For the past few weeks I have been suffering from psoas muscle pain. The psoas is the muscle that holds us upright, taking us from all fours to standing. It attaches at the spinal and joins down through the pelvis and attaches to the inner thigh bone. So it's a very core muscle, attaching our spine to our legs.

The psoas is much more than your ordinary muscle, it is a messenger for your central nervous system, and it's where your fear response (fight / flight / freeze) stems from, and trauma is stored in your tissues.


In some spiritual philosophies it is seen as the residing place of your gut intuition, and is the guardian of the Soul.

Liz Koch has spent her life exploring and teaching about the psoas muscle and she says it's much more than a core stabalising muscle, it's an organ of perception and “literally symbols our deepest urge for survival, and more significantly, our elementary desire to flourish. “


In our modern, fast paced lifestyle, we are running on adrenaline, which triggers and tightens the psoas making it ever ready to spring into fight or flight. This tension is the cause of a lot of back pain, reproductive issues, leg issues and digestive problems.

I have also found because this muscle flanks your diaphragm, when tense, it also affects your breath which contributes to anxiety.

I have been doing some deep trauma healing and it's no wonder that my psoas was strained, trauma is stored in this muscle, and needs to be released. Facing questions and fears about why we are on the planet and what is our purpose, all hide in our psoas, which are Soul questions.

Releasing and Restoring

Relaxing and releasing the tension in the psoas helps grounds us and makes available the energies of the Universe that revitalises our bodies. Our core issues about who we are, our value system, our self esteem, how we feel about ourselves, are anchored in this area.

This is the root chakra, sacral chakra area, which is the area of ​​our body that deals with these Earthly energies.

The area below the navel is known as “Hara”. This area is where we aim for “right center of gravity”, where heaven meets earth, and the psoas of state of health is a contributor to how we harmonize these energies.

One way to gently release the psoas is to do something called Constructive Rest. This video is one way of doing it that I found really relaxing. It enabled me to deeply let go. I also find myself consciously relaxing this muscle during the day because I notice how much I hold on in this area.

I also shift my focus now when I want to calm myself down, rather than slow my breathing down, I just focus on my psoas in my groin / thigh area, and relax it, and it naturally relaxes my breathing. It's a very grounding feeling.

What's your relationship with your psoas?

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How Your Chakras Influence Your Glands To Align You With Your True Purpose

I have been doing some research slowly into the chakra system and the glands that correspond to the relating energy centers.

I always felt like chakras were way down the scale of interest for me, sort of basic and we all know about them, like Energy 101.

In the arena of fields that I have studied, I overlooked their importance, especially in healing. Sure you can heal without knowing what chakras are involved, but it's more empowering to know about them and to use that knowledge in an intentional way.

Throat Chakra and Thyroid

I have been healing my throat chakra area the past few months, even dreaming about it, this area relates to the thyroid, and is the energy center of communication. It also includes the area of ​​hearing as well, as in clairaudience.This is where we receive messages, from our parents, from the world, from Spirit.

For me it feels like this is my energy center to manifest, to ask and receive, gotta ask first. The thyroid is the gland that regulates energy in the body, which will be affected by these messages.

Third Eye Chakra and Pituitary

Moving one step up is the third eye chakra, this relates to the pituitary gland. As an Intuitive this area for me is very active. I knew a bit about this area already, the relationship in the HDPA axis, which in part is the thyroid, pituitary, and adrenals.

This area develops between ages 8 to to 14 years old. This is where we create the vision for ourselves. Research suggests that for girls in particular, they have formed their own concept and vision for them around the age of 10. In indigenous cultures this age group is when girls and boys go on vision quests, to receive from Spirit the vision for their life.

Think about what messages our culture gives girls and boys about who they are to be in the world.

What you are envisioning for yourself is then put into action by the thyroid, and that in turn requires energy from the adrenals to ground it into reality by taking action.

So, if your day is spent with pictures in your mind of not being able to move forward, can not do something, seeing negative results, anxious imaging, trying to see what's coming in front of you, worrying about the future, then it puts pressure on your thyroid which pumps out thyroxine to give you energy to get you quickly through it, and then in turn requires adrenaline to face the dangerous / anxious future you've set up for yourself.

Day after day, year after year, this negative vision will tax your endocrine system.

You may think you just have to force yourself to picture happy images, as if trying to control them, but the self defeating images can be healed because they will be anchored in blockages from your past.

Root Chakra and Adrenals

The adrenals are what moves you forward, this is a root chakra energy, it's how you make real in the world your vision. You may end up with adrenal fatigue if you feel you have to keep taking action based on all your negative images and messages coming from up the chain of command.


If you are connected to your crown chakra which is your Spirit, then you will know your purpose and the right pictures to co-create for yourself at the pituitary, then your thyroid can relax knowing it's going to happen and in the right time, and your adrenals can relax and not worry that it has to fire you up to keep you away from danger and on the right track.

We all know what it feels like when we are inspired with a new idea, and how energized we become when it feels right. It just flows.

Is your energy in alignment with your vision?

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Understanding, Accepting and Overcoming the Reincarnation Cycle

During my research into the nature of reality and the meaning of life, there was one puzzle piece that kept arising – and harshly conflicting with my Western cultural upbringing – but I had to face it head-on. That puzzle piece was the subject of reincarnation and how it fits into the development of the (seemingly human) spirit through a cycle of human lives. It seemed reincarnation cleanly answered so many 'why' and 'how' questions that I had, but still I did not want to accept the validity of the concept of reincarnation. First, because of that mental block I had from my Western cultural upbringing and its heavy influence from (recent interpretations of) the Christian religion. And second, because I did not want to experience the pain of humanity again; so, in my stubborn mindset if I did not believe it was true then maybe it would not be. That's one lure of modern Western religious teachings: life sucks but you (supposedly) only have to experience it once.

Let's face it, the human experience is practiced with trial, challenges and pain, but as it turns out, this is by design – the grand design. Getting through childhood can be tough; then young adulthood has its own set of challenges as does parenthood, middle age and retirement, one's career, love life, etc. It seems that once we're finally able to manage one challenge and move on, there is only a short reply before the next challenge hits us head-on. Sometimes that reply may last a week, or a day, or purely an hour. If you could step out of your life for a moment and observe it as an external, impartial observer, you might notice how comical this pattern seems to re-occur: trial, crescendo, resolution, rest – and repeat. The cycle itself can be exhausting. When will real rest, without a consequent challenge, finally occur? Is it no wonder then that the thought that even death does not serve as a real rest, because we are mercely recycle into another life and a new set of challenges, is quite unappealing – at least to Westerners?

From a strictly human point of view, I did not want to accept that this rollercoaster ride would not end once I reached my well-deserved 'final' rest at the end of my life. If I managed the trials in this life successfully, what was to guarantee I'd do any better in the next life? In fact, all evidence pointed to a conclusion that only the most experienced souls accepted the hardest lives on earth – whether that be one of extreme poverty or physical handicap, etc. – and since I had neither experience in my current life, I was likely not at the end of my cycle of human lives; so assuredly I was destined to return and experience more pain. Once I finally accepted this fact – that reincarnation was real and I was 'doomed' to return – I broke down and sacrificed out of self-pity for a few minutes.

Then the logical side of me kicked in and I realized the only way off the reincarnation rollercoaster was to 'graduate:' to learn the lessons that life has to get and get it 'right' so I can be done with it. My research now had a new goal in mind and I had new energy to devote to the problem set. I'll share a few of these findings with you here to help you also get the rollercoaster of life:

The first is quite simply to re-read the words and life of Jesus from a new vantage point; the vantage point of how to live your life as Jesus lived. Jesus was purposely the model of human perfection. He lived his life to show us the way off the cycle of reincarnation by showing us how to get it right during your current life – not this next life, but this life (!) Because meaningful change can happen today if you follow His model. As blasphemous as this may sound, do not read the gospels with the interpretation that Jesus' died on the cross for your sins, 'because that interpretation tends to remove the need for personal change – which was not Jesus' intended message or goal. Read instead with an open mind that Jesus' words tell you what you need to know about the nature of reality and the meaning of life in order to get off the reincarnation cycle; and do not limit yourself to the four 'approved' gospels. Check out the other 'forbidden' gospels as well – most especially the Gospel of Thomas. There's a reason those gospels were not included in the Bible: Jesus' message, as recorded in them, was not conductive to the Church's objective of control over the masses. Any message that humans can change through self initiative, and their success on the path of life is very much due to personal responsibility for their own actions, does not help the Church fathers' message that only they can provide for our salvation because of their unique relationship with the 'Savior.' Thus, those gospels advocating independence of thought and action had to be declared as heresy and were ruthlessly purged from society.

Next, please realize that you are not the 'you' that you look at every day in the mirror. You are not your body. Instead, realize you have a body. That body is merely a tool that the real you – your soul – needed to achieve a goal: to exact specific life lessons in this particular human existence. When those lessons are complete, you will shed the body your conscious mind has grown to associate with you and the 'real you,' the soul within, will reunite with that other part of you (your oversoul) that could not fit inside your human body. (Too much soul energy would have destroyed the human body from excessive energy overload, so only a small portion of your true soul can occupy your human form.) Again, your body is a tool. Protect it, honor it and use it for its purpose, but do not grow too attached to it or you will fear losing it.

Fear is the primary inhibitor and protagonist of human life. All human trials are based on some form of fear (safety, hunger, competition, jealousy, anger, greed, death, isolation, loss of loved one, etc), and it is the path of overcoming those fears that ever leads to freedom from the cycle of reincarnation. Jesus' message in this regard was quite simple and yet so complex and difficult to follow: (paraphrased) Fear not , for if the Lord of Hosts will care for the birds of the sky, who have not a care in the world, how much more will He care for you, His precious children.

The human body serves a specific purpose for soul development: as a vehicle, apparently separated from God, which then creates an environment of fear. We 'need' fear because fear provides the fuel necessary to learn from new experiences and thereby gain the skills to overcome those fears through either good or poor life choices. Repeating fear-based scenarios (usually via new lives) allows us to repeat this process until we finally make the (hard) right choice.

Every life is so a class that plays out like a drama-filled play – and YOU are the main actor. The challenges that you experience in life were meant to happen – they were preordained (!) – because they provide you a means to test your ability to overcome challenges with either the right response, or the wrong response (because free will must be allowed) . Life would not be a test if you were born knowing your intended purpose for that life, such as needing to overcome anger management issues, or if you already knew the answer about how to accomplish a given challenge. It also would not be a test if you knew what was coming next in life – challenges must be surprises – or why the particular challenge was happening, or did not have to work hard to pass the challenge. Unfortunately, while you can move on from a test in this life after choosing the 'wrong' answer, your soul can not move on until you finally answer the challenge correctly in a consequent life.

Jealousy might be a good example. Virtually everyone experiences some form of jealousy very early in life – say as a result of a teenage crush. Many people quickly overtake this issue, but some are stuck and remain jealous through most / all of their life. It's an issue they'll have to deal with continuously until they can ever learn how to over it. Anger is another good example, as is greed and so many other common human habits. Unfortunately, common life challenges tend to repeat in often every life so if you can not exceed jealousy until age 60 in this life, you may well have a hard time overgoing jealousy in the next life too, but at this time this challenge will become a simple matter to master and you'll be ready to move onto significantly harder challenges. Those who have lived many (hundreds of) lives, might be able to quickly overtake common life challenges, but make no mistake, they are still fighting their own issues or they would not have been born this time around. If there is any consensus to this hard truth, it is that no one is challenged more than their soul is prepared to accept. However, the truth of this matter is hard to see from the human vantage point, especially during catastrophes, and only becomes evident when discussing the matter with the person's subconscious via hypnosis.

So the deeper question then is, “Why do we need a life with trials, pain, loss, challenge and hardship?” Quite 'simply,' because everything is energy. If everything is energy, then everything both seen and unseen is energy. Your soul is naught but pure energy, while mass – like your body, your chair, your car, and the entire earth – is simply very modest, reliably stable energy. Einstein proved this point with his very important finding: E ​​= mc²; which shown mass (m) has an equivalency to a certain amount of energy (E).

There is an important implication from this discussion on energy that can help you overcome fear and find a way out of the reincarnation cycle. That point is that energy can never be destroyed; it merely changes form. If nothing else in this article can provide you relief, it should be this point. In other words, your soul, which is pure energy, can never die because energy can not be destroyed. You came from God, ie the Source of All energy (and actually are still inside of God because nothing exists outside of All That Is), and you will return to the 'heart' of God when your mission on Earth is done. But the real you can not 'die.' It purely profits its human form once the need for that form has been expired and moves onto the next stage of development. Indeed, the act of dyeing is universally reported during past-life hypnotic regression to be a pleasant relief – quite unlike the birthing process as reported by soul memories of being born anew, so this knowledge could help a strong person realize new potential as one who is completely fearless. After all, what can harm you? In truth, nothing can harm you but yourself, or more accurately your own intentions, interpretations and expectations of your own future life challenges. But I digress.

So why is it important to have trials in life if everything is energy? It is because earth serves as a very effective training school for handling energy. Again, physical reality is comprised of very weak energy while the spirit real is comprized of very dynamic ( fluid-like ) energy that is highly responsive to change from no more external input that one's own thoughts and intentions. If you were in the spirit form, for example, you could think 'big, blue castle,' and a big, blue castle would immediately form in accordance with your intentions. Energy on earth does not respond in a similar manner. Changes on earth occur very slowly, but can be effected similarly. It's like the power of positive thinking. When you expect a good thing to happen in your life, you can make an assertion that the good item will occur, and then take specific actions to help that item manifest. Doing so, you can literally change your own reality according to your intention, but that change happens much more slowly than surely the speed of thought.

So you must realize that everything that occurs is for the purpose of learning how to utilize energy in a positive manner. Earth is our training ground where we can experience the use of energy in a manner that actually causes the least harm because thoughts and intentions do not immediately manifest in one's environment. (Imagine, if you will, the impact if thoughts were immediately during rush hour traffic! What would be the immediate and highly negative impact on the world? We would all 'love thy neighbor' or would we wish the 'jerks' in front of us out of our way?) However, even secondary and tertiary effects of our earth-bound negative thoughts and actions do have consequences, and it is those consequences that result in a karmic cycle of fixing our prior mistakes so we can learn how to use energy positively instead of negatively. It's not quite as bad or literal as the old Testament's appellations of 'an-eye-for-an-eye' or 'live by the sword, die by the sword,' but negative karma has the same implication: you will have to face and fix your prior mistakes before you can move on.

While energy can be used negatively – what humans might think of as 'the devil made me do it' – not all negative examples of energy are quite so definitive or drastic. There is righteous anger, for example, but anger is one of those danger zones that can be quite difficult for almost all humans to manage. Still, a failure is a failure. When someone makes you mad, you could: get mad right back, yell, curse, strike at, and / or kill the person. While in the human sense, some of these responses are more acceptable than others, but from the spiritual sense of learning how to constructively use energy, all of these responses were failures and will only result in more anger-generating trials occurring in the soul's future (in current or pending lives) until a proper response is finally tendered.

One might wonder then, what a proper response – one that has a constructive use of energy – looks like? Again, Jesus showed us the answer through the example of His own life. How did he instruct us to have toward those who wanted to do us harm? Paraphrased: If they strike the right cheek, give them also the left. If they want to take your shoes, give them also your cloak. Love not just your family and friends, but love also your enemies and those who would do you harm; forgive them and curse them not. This response is the 'hard right' vice the 'easy wrong,' and one of the reasons why it takes us normal animals so many hundred of lives before we can finally accept and implement this truth to get off the reincarnation wheel.

Anger is one of the most common negative responses we utilize to overcome day-to-day challenges in our lives. But why do humans meet anger with anger, vice love and forgiveness? If we're honest with our self and examine the issue deeply, it's because we are afraid. If we were not afraid for our continued, unimpeded survival, free from competition or challenge, etc, then we would not be afraid. But remember that relieving truth that Einstein provided us – highlighted in part 1 of this series – ie our survival is already guaranteed. Now granted, it may be survival as a soul vice a physical human body – the body can and will die – but our soul has absolutely no reason to fear for its perfect, unimpeded, continued survival. If you can accept this fact and understand what you must do to 'win' your trials as a human, then you must be willing to follow Jesus' life example, which includes being willing to be persecuted, defiled, cursed, beat, and killed – all without resistance – and indeed even loving and forgiving towards those who would do these horrible things to you. If you can meet this challenge, then your trials as a human will come to an end and you will graduate off the karmic cycle of reincarnations.

But until you can accept this very difficult fact, you'll have to deal with all of the negative karma (ie negative energy response issues) that you have generated from the multitude of life trials you've experienced – in this life and many previous lives; of which you are probably not even aware. Fortunately, if you're willing to do the work, you do not have to be aware of anything you may have done wrong in the past, you just have to be willing to make the right responses (the 'hard right') for all engagements moving forward. The past quite literally does not matter in the spiritual realm where time does not exist. Only the present matters. You live now and forever in the present so only your decisions right NOW matter.

If you make the right decisions from this point forward until the end of your life you can work off any and all negative karma you may have accumulated in the past. How? The universe will send you challenge after challenge, allowing you to make decisions – either right or wrong – and guaranteed those challenges will get progressively more difficult when you make the right choice (by spiritual rules) until the day your life ends. It might not be a pleasant prospect but Jesus did not lie when He said you could reach Heaven by following Him in His footsteps. Those footsteps ended in persecution, torture and a tragic death because He lived his life at such odds from conventional society. If you are really willing to make every 'hard right' choice, you will and you must position yourself at odds with society because society does not, by current convention, love unconditionally. You will be different than society at large, and society tends to persecute those who behave differently. Thus, you guarantee that you will attract challenges to yourself, potentially allowing yourself to wipe away all past negative karma if you choose to change immediately and live according to Jesus' dictates. (Beware, however, that even those claiming to be 'Christians' are not living according to Jesus. .)

All of these points toward a need for humanity to develop a new mindset; one that focuses on responsibility for one's own decisions and actions. It might be easier to blame our actions on others: 'Jim' made me do it; 'everyone' is doing it; or the Devil (or God) did this bad thing to me. What we perceive as evil is actually only energy being used or expressed in a negative way, most likely out of fear. What we perceive as bad circumstances (damage from an earthquake, volcano, or tornado for example) is simply our life plan being played out to present us challenges that our soul agreed to – even desired to – experience originating from before our life even began. Both of these examples point out the fact that there is no bad luck; there is no evil overlord / no Devil; there is no Hell. There is only ENERGY. That energy is creating experiences for you to learn from. When you understand what negative negative event is trying to teach you (eg forgiveness, love, self adequacy, dependability, hard work, persistence, etc.) then the lesson is over and you will move on with your life experience to the next challenge.

Sometimes the fastest way to move ahead, as counter-intuitive as it may seem in the face of darkness, is to thank the Universe for presenting you that challenge, accept the challenge for the lessons and opportunity it presents, love all those involved who were involved in presenting you that challenge, and forgive them – and yourself – for any perceived wrongs or shortcomings. Sometimes the latter can be the hardest of all because our mind gets stuck playing events over and over, trying to analyze what just happened and why. We need to move beyond the past because there is no growth in the past; only in the present, looking forward. So we must forgive and accept our self. You see, we must love and be proud of who we are because we are a piece of God / All That Is.

Thus, the easiest way to repay karma and get off the wheel of reincarnation is to forgive. This action follows the words of Jesus when He instructed us to forgive and love our enemies. In order to forgive, we must be able to put fear as by realizing that we have nothing to fear. We are as eternal as God because we are a part of the Unified Source of All Energy. Everything is Energy. If you are energy and energy can not be destroyed then nothing can hurt you – the REAL you; your soul. Physical life is but an illusion our immortal consciousness has created for our own (developmental) benefit. So if you can not be hurt and any negative experiences in physical reality were actually part of your life experience contract that was decided upon before you even entered this life, then really there is no reason to feel anger, resentment, or hurtful towards anyone who has done you wrong. This is a tough concept to believe, accept or implement, but if you can, then it is no problem to forgive even the worst offender who has apparently done you wrong. They were part of your life contract for that particular experience, and they played their role according to that agreed upon contract. They did you a service – from the soul perspective – no matter how painful that action was towards your human perspective and how seemingly meaning that contract required them to be towards you or yours.

If you can forgive and love them unconditionally, as Jesus commanded, then karma and the cycle of life have no more control over you and your mission in physical reality is complete. You'll be off to your next adventure but one can only speculate about what comes next in the development cycle of the immortal soul. Very few souls, if any, have graduated from the cycle of humanity and returned. If they did return, they were not focused on telling us about what comes next – what would be the point? Rather, their guidance was the same as this article on reincarnation – teaching us how to graduate from our extended experience as humans. That's the concern for today and the only one for which we need to focus. Tomorrow will worry about itself.

I'll close with one final point. In the long run, it does not really matter if you believe any of this advice or not. We accept only that metaphysical and spiritual information that we are ready to accept, and our waking conscious purposely resists accepting any information or beliefs that would circumvent the experience that comes from living a series of human lives; whether 10, 100 or 1,000 lives, it makes no difference. Some people are relatively new to their human experience and need to live dozens or hundreds more lives to fully integrate the lessons on energy mobilization that the soul requires. From that point of view, the pragmatic answer is that you'll get off the cycle when you're ready to get off the cycle. If you're not ready, then you're not ready; no worries. You simply have more lessons to learn. Therefore, it really does not matter if you believe this article or not, or you believe it but are not ready to follow any of the advice in it. You'll only incorporate those lessons into your life that you're ready to receive, and the rest will follow in its own due time. The lessons of life are not about a race or a competition. We compete with no one but our self, and ever everyone graduates. However, we all graduate on our own timeline, so we do not need to stress out about what the future holds in store for us. It'll all work itself out in the long run. That's the beauty of the human experience. Everything happens for a reason, whether we realize it or not. So incorporate what you want or what you can, and try not to take life too seriously. It's an amazing and unique opportunity from the soul's point of view so simply try to enjoy the ride.

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Nurturing Your Crown Chakra Using Reiki

The crown chakra is the divine chakra, connecting you to universal energy and sacred peace. It's no wonder that in many Asian cultures, it's inappropriate to touch the top of the head, especially on an older person. Keep this in mind when providing healings. It might be more appropriate to cradle the head from behind, rather than directly touching the crown, to respect a person's divine center. The identity of this chakra is universal. Meditation aims to transcend the small individual ego in deference to a universal self. Operating from this level of being, our orientation reaches towards wisdom and transcendence. “Self” takes on a very different meaning than it did when we were children and our solar plexus was just beginning to blossom. The crown chakra tunes us in to “universal self.”

Common ailments related to the crown chakra include migraines, amnesia and coma. Deficiency in the crown chakra may indicate excess energy in the lower chakras manifesting as materialism or greed. Balancing the chakras as explained in another article is one way to address excess or deficient chakras. A more specific technique known as connecting the chakras is explained an upcoming article.

Location : Cerebral cortex, top of skull

Healing Color: Violet

Element: Wisdom

Age of Development : Early adulthood and after

Personal Rights : To know and to learn

Related Physical Organs : Brain, pineal gland

Balanced Characteristics: Analytical, intelligent, thoughtful, open minded, wise

Symptoms of Deficiency : Spiritual cynicism, rigid beliefs, materialism

Symptoms of Excess : Intellectualization, spiritual addiction, confusion

Emotional Traumas : Forced religiosity, blind obedience

Healing Practices: Meditation, examine belief system

Positive Affirmation: I am guided by inner wisdom.

Another perspective concerning spiritual development is explained very explicitly by Chogyam Trungpa. He says, “the ego is able to convert everything to its own use, even spirituality. We need to step out of ego's constant desire for a higher, more spiritual, more transcendental version of knowledge, religion or whatever the ego is seeking. impulse of searching for something is, in itself, a hang-up. ” These words of caution are very helpful if you fall into the trap of spiritual addiction. For me, no doubt, I'm a perfectionist. So, I must pay heed to this issue, being careful not to push Reiki and avoid criticizing people who do not believe in it. My personal development also requires that I do not push myself too hard to be spiritual while keeping my ego in check moment by moment.

You've probably met people who do not believe in any religion, meditation or healing energy. Spiritual cynicism is not necessarily bad; it just shows a deficiency of energy at the crown chakra. A cynic is most likely to not believe in Reiki and will probably not be calling you any time soon to request a healing. This is a good example of when we must be careful not to push Reiki on anyone. We need to respect people as they are and for what they believe. There's not much point in trying to persuade someone to believe in Reiki or experience it because they simply are not at that stage of their lives where such things are important to them. It would be like persuading a teenager who loved rap music to listen to one of Verdi's operas. Let people believe what they believe and like what they like.

If the subject does arise in conversation with a person with very strong doubts about Reiki, it may be wise to explain it in terms of quantum physics, rather than in terms of chakras, to keep the conversation more concrete and technical rather than mystical. Also bear in mind that you are under no obligation to explain Reiki to anyone. Simply saying, “it's sort of like meditating” may be enough to gently bring closure to the topic when necessary.

You can bring Reiki into your meditation practice and meditation into your Reiki practice by focusing your efforts on your crown chakra.

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Health Benefits Of Being Grateful

Does your attitude really matter? Can you improve your stress levels, your mood, and even your immune system by being grateful? Researchers are now confirming this is true, and that's good news for you! Even though I regularly find spinal misalignments that are affecting someone's health, I still think the most powerful change someone can make is in their attitude.

The developers of Chiropractic believed that trauma to the spine could be physical, chemical, or mental. When patients ask, “How did I get this way?” it can be any of those things. One of the side effects of a chiropractic adjustment is an endorphin boost. That endorphin boost can elevate mood, for sure.

When you're feeling better, you tend to be less grumpy, stressed or depressed. Focusing on what you're grateful for can have a similar effect, and you can do it anytime. Changing your attitude can happen quickly, but that does not mean it's an easy thing to do.

Sometimes, we get stuck focusing on our problems and it can quickly start to sour everything around us. “Trying to be positive” often is a band-aid over our poor attitude. When I find that I'm really struggling finding anything to be positive about, I know I'm in trouble and the fastest way to snap out of it is to start thinking of things I'm grateful for.

The list can start small and simple. You do not always have to start with “I'm grateful for my family and that I have a job,” but you can. Sometimes your mood may be so bad that you have to start with, “Well, I guess I'm grateful I'm alive today.”

A Simple Exercise To Become More Grateful

A simple exercise is to take something that you would normally take for granted and really start to appreciate everything that goes along with it. There's so much intricate work and past history that goes into our every day conveniences, it's staggering how much we do not appreciate.

How about electricity? Are you grateful for that? I know I am. Do you take it for granted? I know I do. You need to see something, so you stroll over to flip a switch and the light turns on. But there's so much more to it.

How about being grateful that Ben Franklin did his work with electricity? Then Thomas Edison worked on a light bulb to bring light into our homes? Or the electrician that wired up your home? The electric company working behind the scenes to monitor the grid to make sure it's all working smoothly? The repair crews that come out within hours to repair damage to electric lines following a bad storm? The job that you go to that allows to get paid enough to pay your electric bill on time so the light will work? Your legs that let you walk over to the switch?

You can go on and on about something as simple as electricity. I'd bet you could fill pages just being grateful for everything that you could brainstorm about this simple thing.

What about your health?

In most cases, we have way more good going on with our health than bad. The patients we see are still mobile and able to tell us what's wrong. There's gratitude to be found just in that. As frustrating as it may be to have headaches, neck pain or whatever else might be going on … most things can be improved and changed.

What are you grateful for?

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Introducing Vegetarianism Into Reiki

Naturopathy and Food

You've heard people say, “food is the best medicine.” Is this just traditional wisdom, or is it the authentic truth of life on earth? Have you ever heard it that so-called “food” is our most dangerous poison? Industrial food with all its sugars, salts, corn syrups, colors and preservatives strictly qualify as food in any genuine sense. Nutrition is an essential aspect of your well being. In most cases, it's the elementary factor in determining the course of health or sickness.

How much fresh, organic food do you eat each day, compared to how much dead and denuded stuff you put in your mouth? How much knowledge do you actually have concerning the energy, enzymes and living qualities of food? I hate to be the one to bring this up, but most of the lessons we learned at school relating food are hopelessly outdated and in many cases are contrary to wise nutritional advice. The following section on Vegetarianism offers a brief introduction to the subject. I ask healers to consider these recommendations and support Reiki to be a truly holistic healing discipline.

Vegetarianism and Reiki

Our Reiki courses always include pure Vegetarian meals. Vegetarian food is much cleaner, contains fewer chemicals and is more compatible with the human digestion system than animal products. At the same time, a vegetarian life style expresses greater compassion for all living things, is less demanding on the earth's resources and contributions to a more highly sustainable society. Vegetarianism is a profound and effective way to heal nature itself.

As a Reiki healer, it's important to practice compassion and loving kindness towards all beings, including yourself, family and friends, patients and animals. Reiki heals not only at the energetic level, but also provides the healer and patient with information that supports the holistic healing experience. Healing includes making suggestions for improving life style such as exercise and nutrition. It's essential to look more deeply into the health issues that arise with meat based diets compared to Vegetarianism. Many Reiki Masters and healers continue to eat and enjoy meat. Of course, this is a matter of personal choice. It's essential to consider your own dietary patterns and determine your optimum nutritional path.

If someone receives Reiki for their digestion problems but continues to eat frequent servings of meat, then the healing process will be strictly limited. To optimize your experience as a Reiki healer or as a recipient of Reiki energy, it's highly recommended to move towards a vegetable oriented diet. A shift towards Vegetarianism can be a gradual transition towards improved health and greater compassion. The pace at which you make these changes depends on how well you are feeling with the changes and the strength of your commitment to change.

What are the benefits of vegetarianism? A meat based diet brings numerous issues and controversies onto your plate, including the use of growth hormones to make animals grow faster, antibiotics to prevent or treat disease among animals held in captivity, the violence of slaughter, ethnic concerns of eating other living animals, inhumane treatment of animals such as crowded conditions, living in filth, cutting off baby chick's beaks, the toll that a meat culture places on the environment, unsustainable consumption of water, feed and land in addition to the health challenges presented to the human body in digesting meat products and assimilating the chemical brews that make animals grow quickly and cheaply while keeping meat looking pretty and preserving it until it lands on your grill.

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