The presence of what is known as the human energy field is a controversial topic. You have those who say they can actually see the human aura and then there are the skeptics who say there is no such thing. There are those who can feel with their hands the energy around a person. Then there are those who can not feel anything. Who is right?

Varying sensitivities of people

I wonder how someone figured out that they could make beautiful sounds by putting strings over a box with a “handle” you could hold. Someone who was talented in just the right way could pluck those strings and make beautiful music. Then there would be someone like me who has little if any musical talent and would think it crazy that pleasant sounds could come from such a contraption. Of course now we have violins, dulcimers, harps, cellos, violas and more.

There are those who are very sensitive to sound. They can hear frequencies others can not. Could not this be true for the ability to feel or see different frequencies? When I first began my work as an energy healing facilitator I could feel very little. If I actually really hard I might think I felt something as I moved my hands across someone's body. After almost 20 years of doing this work I am very sensitive and can experience subtleifts.

Just because you can not see it does not mean it is not there

When the concept of germs was first proposed, people did not want to believe it was true. Men, women and children died by the millions simply because doctors did not wash their hands between patients. When an experiment provided that washing dramatically cut the mortality rate in a childbirth hospital, the doctors quit washing when the experiment was over. People did not want to believe in something they could not see. Now everyone is told to wash to prevent colds and flu.

What does this say about the human energy field? No, it does not prove it is real. There are people, however, who can feel it. Some can see it. There are cameras which can take photographs of the colors around your body. Does that prove they are there? Many say “yes” and others give explanations of how this can not be true. Is it a grand illusion, or, perhaps, delusion?

The role of the hands in energy healing

I was in my early twenties when I experienced my hands becoming hot while praying with someone. The leaders of the group said I was experiencing God's love. Now that I am an alternative healing facilitator I tell people that my chi or prana begins to move. For people who are religious I still say it is God's love and grace. Myfield interactions with the other persons chi and a resonance begins to occur. As I move my hands I can detect the “lumps and bumps” within the other person's aura. As I smooth it out the individual begins to relax.

You can do this also even if you can not feel the aura. Simple move your hands in a gentle manner a few inches from the person's body. Use a gentle stroking motion as if you were gently smoothing the air around them. Notice what the other person experiences and what you experience.

Personally I believe there is an aura. Someday there will be better instruments to measure it then everyone can experience it just like anyone can see germs in a microscope and hear beautiful music from a violin.