Breathing! Simple breathing. It is something that we take for granted, yet, the act of breathing is a powerful tool either you are using reverse breathing or embryonic breathing. The art of breathing is something that can raise your chi (your energy or life force), relax into self hypnotic trance, or allow the “monkey mind” to come to stand still.

Here is a style of breathing that can increase energy and gather your chi / life force. While there are a multitude of breath work that will do this, this is the simplest form I that anyone can learn to use. This is a powerful style of breathing that also returns you to your pre-birth state (which has its own benefits).

Exercise: Try it and see what comes up for you.

Embryonic breathing raises your chi in the deepest core of your center (Tan Tien) where it is stored in your energetic body for later use. The more chi you have, the more you can accomplish without a great deal of effort. My master can actually push someone over with one finger – again it is not due to the fact his finger is so strong, but due to the fact that his chi is that strong.

While in the womb, you breath all breath through the umbilical cord that is attached to the abdomen. As born humans, that is exactly the opposite of how we breathe. When we breathe we expand our abdomen in and deflate it when we exhale. It is believed that if we practice embroyonic breathing we can regain our original tranquility and reclaim all the energy we incarnated with.

To practice – as you inhale let your abdomen gently contract as the chest expends. In a continuous flow, gently exhale allowing the chest to flatten while the abdomen expand. Breath very lightly and push very gently. Although you are gathering a powerful energy, this is very gentle in nature. Keep your attention and complete awareness on the air flow as it flows in and out. You want this to be a completely seamless continuous flow of breath with no pauses in between the inhale and exhale.

As you practice this, allow the length of the breaths extend. The area behind your belly, just between the belly button and public bone, will get warm (even hot) as you raise your chi. This is powerful work so only practice for short periods at a time. It can make you light headed as well so use caution when first practicing.