Dinner with a Touch of Reality

I recently enjoyed dinner with my dear friend, Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy, an integrated medical doctor, and her very talented attorney husband. They are such a power couple-in my world they are bigger stars than Brad and Angelina. I always learn so much from Dr. Connealy and that evening, although the topic was a little more somber than usual, was no different.

Sixteen Year Old Hit by Car

I had heard that a hit and run driver injured the son of one of her friends. The young man had broken every bone in his body and was left to die. I'm shocked that this was the third time in two months that I heard about a person being hit by a car and the driver did not stop. It's bad enough to hit someone, but to not stop is inexcusable. And what about the mass shootings that have occurred recently? What's wrong with people? Is it their brains? Their soul? Or maybe it's Frankenstein foods? Maybe we are so UNDER nourished that we have lost our senses!

Foods You Eat Influence Behavior

I know it may sound like a scene from the Twilight Zone, but food does have a physical and mental effect on our behavior and influences how we act. For example, processed food is only “filler” food, not nutritional food. Just think about you're tired and hungry- maybe a little cranky-you have a snack and feel revived. If it's the wrong snack, like a candy bar, you may feel better for a bit then “crash” feeling worse than before. Studies have shown that the behavior of mice fed junk food and / or genetically modified foods changed radically. Traditional as well as classroom research has reported these behavior changes. Mice fed junk food became lethargic, antisocial and nervous. Mice fed food “Frankenstein food” with GMO's, stopped playing with each other and withdrew to their own areas of the cage. Unlike their chemically overloaded neighbors, mice fed junk / GMO free diets were well-behaved and friendlier. One mouse in a GMO group was even found dead. This sounds too similar to what is going on in our world today (Much more on this to come!)

Mice are NOT Men

Those in favor of GMO's may make the argument that these studies deal with mice, not humans. That's true, but most studies begin with mice before going to human trials. The only problem with using humans in these same experiences is that the mice behaviors were extremely anti-social and dangerous. Who would willingly want to put themselves through that you ask? Unfortunately, people are most likely influencing their behavior every day by what they eat. Seventy percent or more of processed foods contain GMO products!

Natural Does NOT Equal GMO Free

Even so-called healthy choices have been found to have GMO ingredients . Something labeled “natural” does not mean it's “organic” and may even contain GMO ingredients. So you may think you're eating something good, but you're really not. And that makes me so crazy! How can we be our own warriors and make informed decisions if we do not know what we are buying and / or eating?

Read Labels Carefully

The best way to try to avoid GMO's is to buy organic . A good organic source will also state that it is GMO FREE, otherwise, who knows what GMO food is snuck in by intentionally or by cross contamination? If you do buy packaged foods, check the label. Although you will not find “Warning: This product contains GMO's”, you can look for the most likely genetically engineered products like soy and corn. UGGH, please stay away from these foods. They are poison!

Healthy Begins in the Gut!

As the New Year begins I am thankful that I learned about the dangers of processed foods and the benefits of fermented, probiotic foods. CJ's autism was the catalyst that helped my family improve their health. We started healing his gut with fermented foods and we all benefited from having a balanced gut. I hope that others will realize that the dangers of GMO's and processed foods out weigh the convenience. My heart goes out to all the family's dealing with the physical and emotional healing that comes with the loss of a loved one. My hope for the New Year and years to come is that GMO / Frankenstein foods will not destroy the integrity that makes humans different from mice.