Love yourself.

If you've just diagnosed with HIV, it's time to nurture your true essence. You're fearfully and definitely made and there is nobody like you. So, give yourself permission to cry, scream, get mad, through a fit and be sad. But when you're all done, get focused and get back on track. Remember, you're God's property and he does not give you more than you can bear. For example, take some time to listen to music that inspires your healing.

Live your life fully.

Now that you have been given a time limit on your existence, what are you going to do about it? I got it. Make a checklist of all the things you wanted to do in your life before you died (Bucket list) and get started. Make all your dreams a reality.

Avoid negative people.

As you share your news, many people will have their own opinions and plenty to say. Keep any advice that's beneficial to your wellbeing and leave the rest alone. Do not listen to nonsense talk. I know it's easier said than done, especially when these people could be family, friends or church members, but you have to learn how to control the information you choose to accept in your life. Remember, you can not control people, but you can control your environment. Stay away from negativity. It drains your energy, spirit and love.

Make supportive connections.

Get loved on by others who understand your situation and will share their answers, love and motivation during your hard times. Staying connected will be difficult when you're feeling guilty, ashamed, embarrassed or angry. But it's those feelings that should get you to want to be around other like-minded people who have felt like you and are willing to hold your hand as you go through pain and disappointments.

Make positive, healthy decisions.

Now that you have been diagnosed with HIV, do not go back to old habits that may have caused it. For example, if you use to shoot smack in your arms and now diagnosed with HIV, do not go right back to getting high. Love yourself enough to recognize that God is trying to get your attention and you deserve to start your life over. Think about all the things you have not done yet and get yourself healthy enough to do them. Do not count yourself out before your out. Remember, it's not over until God says it's over.

Talk freely and honestly.

Be honest with yourself and others. Do not hide from your condition, but do not flaunt it either. It is what it is. Stay positive and in control with your feelings, so that you can get the best care medically, financially and spiritually that God can provide for you. Ask the right people for help whenever possible. Do not expect to know where your help will come from, just live in your truth and God will provide for you.


Your HIV diagnosis is not a death sentence. It's a medical condition. It's a wake up call to get yourself healthy and to serve others. Sometimes we need a revival of spirit & truth, so certain medical conditions are our wake up call to gt back on track to serve others while we take better care of ourselves. Beside, compassion grows when we experience pain for ourselves.


Always stay in prayer. It's your superpower. God knows what you need and your life was designed for a meaning and a purpose and the only way you will ever learn about yourself, is through prayer, dedication and a willingness to be faithful. Prayer changes everything.

Be Grateful.

You do not need to be thankful for your current condition, but you should be grateful for the opportunity to do something about it. Be grateful for one more day. Be grateful for being safe and protected. Be grateful that you can be grateful. Remember, someone loved you enough to give up their life for your sins, so the best thing you can do for yourself and others, is to Be Grateful !