1) Get Movin And Groovin!

Movement creates momentum, positive momentum. Do you like to go dancing and feel that nightclubs and bars are a thing of the past for you? Schedule dance time at home to your favorite songs rather then sitting in front of the tube! Take a walk in nature and observe everything around you, that stationary bike in the corner of your house … take the clothes off of it, wipe the dust off, and start with a 5 minute bike ride and build from there. Bottom line is make moving a part of your everyday life.

2) Care About What You Eat And Check The Labels

Eating the right amount of healthy foods not only helps your mental clarity but improves your energy, we know this yet we continue to give in to temporary temptations (myself included) which lead to a cycle of unhealthy eating habits. Finally check the labels of the foods you buy, if you can not pronounce something do yourself a favor, put it back on the shelf.

3) Smile at strangers

Take a chance, share a smile with someone so that they can smile back. Knowing you've lived someone else's spirits can greatly help you lift your own. When I lived in Singapore during my anxiety disorder, one of the most popular ways of treating depression, anxiety and other 'conditions' was to use laughter therapy. Remember, fake it until you become it.

4) Slow Down

We live in a world of go go go, we eat fast, we work fast, we drive fast and yes we even 'play' fast (you know what I mean). Plan to give yourself some extra time even though it might cost you a little sleep in the end to do things like eat slower (people just do not chew enough these days) and take more time to enjoy what you're taking part in.

5) Share

We all have amazing capabilities and hidden talents that we need to share with others. Sharing our knowledge, our time, our simple friendship with others can make a massive difference in someone else's as well as your own life.

6) Learn Something New

Write a list of 3 things that you always wanted to learn and do something small towards accomplishing one of those today. Do not let your mind convince you that you do not have enough time, or it will be too difficult, or even that it may be useless in the future. If you feel that you want to do it, do it for yourself and ignore the world around you. Learn that new language you always wanted to, take a cooking class, learn how to meditate … anything, never stop learning.

7) Practice Patience

Rude behavior can be the result of lack of patience. Consciously making patience a part of your daily life will lead to a more relaxed feel in every aspect of your life.

8) Clear The Clutter In Your Head Between Tasks

Through your day take 15 seconds between tasks to enjoy some peace. Do not jump from one thing to another without giving yourself this 15 seconds of time in between to sit quietly and just breathe. In the long run this 15 seconds of peace will keep you more conscious of your thoughts and actions.

9) Preview And Review

I can not tell you how important this is. Previewing your day ahead when you wake up even for just a few minutes through writing in a journal or visualizing, will set things in motion for your entire day ahead. Focus on exactly how you want your day to go and bring some emotion behind the preview of your day. Once your day is done it's time to give yourself a few minutes of time to go over the great things from your day, the compliments you got, how smooth things went at work, anything.

10) Give Yourself Credit

When we get so caught up in what we need to do for ourselves and for others we forget to reward ourselves for a job well done. When I was in kindergarten we had a reward system where if you did a good deed for someone or you accomplished a task at school, you had to hug yourself for 30 seconds straight. Now i'm not telling you to hug yourself in front of people for 30 seconds (if you're really brave you can certainly can) if you do something that you or others are really proud of, but you must find a reward system of some sort that brings out those good feelings in you.

Take a step back and notice what's happening in your life. If there is an aspect of your life you're not really happy with stop feeding your mind with thoughts such as things 'are not TOO bad' compared to … fill in the blank. Stop rationalizing with yourself and make a clear decision on what you want, this list will definitely get you thinking about things in the right way.